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Sample Proposal: Independent Inquiry

College of Pharmacy

Please direct all questions about the flag proposal process to the Center for the Core Curriculum.

PHR 694C: Acute Care Pharmacy Practice II

College of Pharmacy

How does the proposed course satisfy the flag requirements?*

All of the Acute Care Pharmacy Practice courses have the requirement that students independently analyze the primary literature in order to formulate evidence-based care plans for the purpose of managing patients’ medication regimens. These courses are a culmination of the Pharmacotherapy sequence involving disease state management and courses such as drug literature evaluation and biostatistics that allow the student to do independent literature-based research for real-world application to patient care.

Describe typical assignments related to Independent Inquiry.

Following the comprehensive researching of the relevant literature assignments will typically include: formal and informal case presentations; patient care interventions; journal club presentations; nursing in-service presentations; drug utilization evaluation (DUE); presentation of original research projects.

Please explain how at least one-third of the course grade is based on content related to Independent Inquiry.

Students must complete all assignments related to this dimension in order to pass each of these SCH courses.

*The questions on the Independent Inquiry proposal form have changed since this proposal was submitted. Please see the Independent Inquiry Proposal Tips page for the current questions.

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