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Sample Proposal: Writing

Cockrell School of Engineering

Please direct all questions about the flag proposal process to the Center for the Core Curriculum.

BME 333T: Engineering Communication

Department of Biomedical Engineering

What substantial writing projects will your students complete during the course?

An analytical researched essay, an analytical poster (not a report poster), a proposal, and a short rhetorical analysis. In addition, 6-8 short analyses and responses related to readings and class discussions.

What kinds of feedback will students receive from the instructor, and what opportunities will they be given to revise their writing?

This course is based on the principal of revision. Major projects go through two reviews before the final graded version: a peer review of the first draft and an instructor/TA review of the second draft. Both reviews are based on analytical questions, which are themselves keyed back to the assignment. Thus, students have substantial ownership of the evaluation process.

What amount of the final course grade will come from the written work (minimum one-third for a three-hour course)?


What opportunities will students have to read each other’s work and offer constructive criticism?

Each major assignment includes a structured peer review. The questions on the review require analysis of the essay so that students learn about writing through the process of reviewing. The process also stresses the difference between revision and editing.

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