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Sample Proposal: Writing

College of Fine Arts

Please direct all questions about the flag proposal process to the Center for the Core Curriculum.

T D 357TL New Play Creation

Department of Theatre and Dance

What substantial writing projects will your students complete during the course?

T D 357T New Play Creation will require students to write 5 papers. These papers will occur at regular intervals throughout the semester and will include a final paper which will undergo at least one guided-revision. These papers will include research, analysis, and criticism of several techniques of contemporary play composition including Viewpoints, collaboration, and multimedia installations. These papers constitutes the highest percentage of the final grade (50%).

What kinds of feedback will students receive from the instructor, and what opportunities will they be given to revise their writing?

Students in T D 357T will receive extensive feedback on each paper explaining where and how they can improve their writing skills. This feedback will include both grammatical corrections and proposals for the re-thinking of major arguments, organizational elements, perspectives, or stylistic choices in the project. As a part of the class each student will be required to meet independently with the professor to discuss the progress of his or her writing. In addition, the final paper will be submitted for comments by the professor. Students will be required to revise their papers based on the feedback of instructor and the grade on this final paper will be based on the student’s revised draft.

What amount of the final course grade will come from the written work (minimum one-third for a three-hour course)?

Written assignments will constitute 50% of the final grade for T D 357T. These assignments will be based on quality writing as well as content. These assignments will include research, analysis, and criticism of several techniques of contemporary play composition. Students will be held accountable for both their ideas and the clarity with which they express them.

What opportunities will students have to read each other’s work and offer constructive criticism?

Students in T D 357T will be required to review one another’s work. The third paper will be peer-reviewed. Each student will comment on two of his or her colleagues’ papers focusing on the grammar and critical thinking skills. The grade for this third paper will include formal, written peer reviews as well as the students response, through revision, to his or her own peer reviews.

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