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Sample Proposal: Writing

College of Fine Arts

Please direct all questions about the flag proposal process to the Center for the Core Curriculum.

ARH 374: The Gothic Cathedral: Amiens

Department of Art and Art History

What substantial writing projects will your students complete during the course?

Two short papers, 3-5 pages each: an annotated bibliography in which students practice writing paragraphs and a stylistic analysis in which organizing paragraphs into a coherent whole is important. A research paper, 11-14 pages, in which it is necessary to build and support an argument over a longer work.

What kinds of feedback will students receive from the instructor, and what opportunities will they be given to revise their writing?

Extensive comments on all written work. After the first assignment we spend a class period (75 minutes) discussing common errors and problems that came up in the first papers. Students will have an opportunity to revise the research papers according to the professor’s comments.

What amount of the final course grade will come from the written work (minimum one-third for a three-hour course)?

65% (short papers 15% each; research paper 35%).

What opportunities will students have to read each other’s work and offer constructive criticism?

In addition to the session on common errors and problems (mentioned two boxes above), in which students are asked to find and correct errors, each research paper will be given to another student to comment on and grade. While the ultimate decision about grading is the professor’s, this peer review counts for 10% of the course grade for the student doing the grading.

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