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Common Core

The School of Undergraduate Studies is responsible for the core curriculum requirements for all students pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Beginning in the fall of 2016, the core course lists will be updated annually and will not be tied to a student’s catalog choice.

All students should1

  • Consult the 2016-2017 course list to view the courses approved for the academic year and for descriptions of allowed core course pairings
  • Check the Course Schedule to search for the approved core course offerings for a given semester

Students graduating under the catalogs listed below should follow the recommendations listed above or check the core course list in their chosen catalog.

Transfer Core Complete

State law requires that courses fulfilling a core component area (including the institutionally designated option) at one Texas public institution must transfer and substitute for the receiving institution’s comparable requirements. However, this only applies to courses taken when a student does not yet hold degree-seeking status at UT Austin. Once a student holds degree-seeking status at UT Austin, courses taken to fulfill core curriculum requirements must meet UT Austin core definitions in the relevant UT Austin undergraduate catalog, regardless of where they are taken.

Students who have completed at least 42 core hours and are recognized at any public institution of higher education in Texas as having completed the core will be marked on the transcript from the sending institution as “core complete.” The School of Undergraduate Studies works with advisors and students to identify students who are core complete prior to attending UT and will perform any necessary corrections to the student’s degree audit to reflect this status. The general rule is that students whose transfer transcript indicates they are core-complete will automatically be marked as core complete in the UT Austin student records database. There are a few cases, however, listed below, in which this automatic designation may be wrong and will have to be adjusted as they are identified.

  • If a student acquires core complete status at another Texas public institution based on coursework taken after enrolling at UT, that coursework must comply with UT core rules. This means that reverse transfer of UT course credits back to a previous institution in order to become “core complete” at that institution will not yield core complete status at UT unless all UT core requirements are fulfilled. For example, most other institutions do not require a Signature Course or a third science course in their core, but UT does.
  • Grades of D are not accepted in transfer. Students may need to retake areas of the core for which a grade of D was used to become core complete at that institution.

Therefore, students who transfer to UT core complete should always double check with an advisor to make sure this status is correct.

Choice of Catalog