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Student Success

Signature Courses are taught by top faculty members from across the Forty Acres with the goal of helping first-year students transition to college. Click on a faculty member to learn more about their Signature Course.

Andrew Cavazos
Spring 2013

Andrew was accepted to the School of Undergraduate Studies instead of his first choice, architecture. After a tough first semester, Andrew worked with his advisor in the Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling to pull up his grades and explore his interests. Now, he is graduating on time with a degree in government and plans to attend law school this fall.

Caleb Ingels
Broadcast Journalism
Spring 2013

Caleb spent two semesters in UGS before being admitted in the College of Communications where he will be graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism this spring. As a UGS student, Caleb received crucial help from his advisor, Alexia Apollo, as he made decisions about his major and career direction.

Erick Munoz
Radio, Television, Film
Spring 2013

An international student from Mexico, Erick was initially accepted to the School of Undergraduate Studies instead of his first choice—Radio, Television, Film (RTF). As a UGS student, Erick completed core coursework, got involved with RTF-related activities, and worked with his advisor, Rose Mastrangelo, to achieve his goal of getting into the RTF program. After spending three semesters as a UGS student, Erick transferred to RTF and graduated on time.

Horacio Villarreal
History and Government
Spring 2014

Horacio is the 2013-2014 UT student body president. Originally interested in biology and medicine, Horacio spent two semesters exploring his options as a student in the School of Undergraduate Studies and is now double majoring in history and government.

Ivy Mestrovic
Spring 2013

Ivy spent her first two years in UGS exploring majors before discovering a European folklore class that changed everything. Now an anthropology major, Ivy will graduate this spring and begin her graduate studies in the fall.

MyHanh Ta
Spring 2013

MyHanh was originally interested in biology and pre-dental, but after four semesters in UGS she declared sociology and hopes to become a counselor or therapist.

Taryn Moore
Education: Youth and Community Studies
Spring 2013

Originally interested in majoring in math and doing the pre-med track, Taryn spent two semesters exploring her interests in UGS before declaring an education major.