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Lauren Fedele

Lauren Fedele
Urban Studies and Geography
BDP Certificate: 
Spring 2014

Lauren received the 2014 President’s Student Employee of the Year Award for her hard work in Facilities Services and the Campus Environmental Center. Lauren spent three semesters as an Undergraduate Studies student before declaring majors in urban studies and geography. She’s also completing a minor in Spanish and a BDP certificate in the Environment.

“Do not be discouraged that you are undeclared while everyone else has declared a major. Everyone as a freshmen is unsure of their future and what they want to do. Use this time to explore your interests.”

Starting in UGS
Initially I was upset that I didn’t get my first choice school when I applied to UT, which was the School of Architecture. However, I was very happy I was accepted to the University of Texas at Austin. Honestly, getting accepted to the School of Undergraduate Studies was a blessing in disguise. It definitely impacted my college career for the best. UGS really helped me realize what I wanted to study and do after college.

Finding a Major
I took classes in different departments that I was interested in. Fortunately, these classes also counted towards my degree requirements so I wasn’t wasting any time. I talked to professors and to career counselors in the Vick Center (then the Sanger Learning & Career Center) who helped direct me towards urban studies, which is my current major. I also joined the Campus Environmental Center and rea