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Taryn Moore

Taryn Moore
Education: Youth and Community Studies
Spring 2013

Originally interested in majoring in math and doing the pre-med track, Taryn spent two semesters exploring her interests in UGS before declaring an education major.

“I would advise other UGS students to be patient and try out different classes.”

Finding a Major
When I was accepted to UGS, I was glad to be at a place where I could explore my future options. Initially, I thought I wanted to go into mathematics pre-med. I chose youth and community studies based on my passion for working with children. After about a year, I knew I wanted to work in ministry or a non-profit setting and youth and community studies was perfect for that.

One roadbump I had was that I had the mentality that my major defined me. Therefore, it was hard to choose one major because I was unsure of what I wanted to do after college. After talking with graduates and advisors, I realized that I had more options than I had thought and felt less pressure to choose one specific career.

Being a Youth and Community Studies Major
I get to learn and work hands-on with children and the community. It’s very rewarding and encouraging. The most surprising thing about my major is when I meet other people in my major. Because you don’t take the same classes with other specific youth and community studies students, I’m always excited to meet a few here or there in classes.

Most Rewarding Class
CMS 315M, Interpersonal Relationships. Dr. Daly was a great lecturer and the material was relatable to everyone’s daily life.

Favorite Study Spots: Life Science Library, Student Activity Center, The Union

Student Organizations
Young Life, Austin Stone Community Church

Post-Graduation Plans
I’m planning on either interning at Austin Stone Community Church and working with high school students or taking a year off and going on the