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Truc Nguyen

Business (Corporate Finance)
Spring 2014

Truc Nguyen spent two semesters in UGS exploring the ins and outs of business school before solidifying her decision to transfer into McCombs. Truc is incredibly active in the UT and UGS communities and has served as both an Honors Colloquium mentor and a First-year Interest Group mentor, in addition to numerous other leadership roles in organizations across the Forty Acres.

“I am forever grateful for the School of Undergraduate Studies. It gave me a strong foundation for my education and the support system was incredible. I am very happy to have been a part of its earlier days and was able to get involved with some of its flagship programs and helped build a stronger presence for UGS on campus.”

A Passion for Business
I’ve always wanted to major in business because I grew up watching my parents build their own business. I was honestly a bit disappointed that I wasn’t accepted into the McCombs School of Business right away. I was very sure of what I wanted to study, so I didn’t have a second choice major and was placed in UGS. I had no idea what UGS was, but in hindsight I am thankful for the school. It gave me the opportunity to reevaluate my passion and allowed me to explore other options.

The curriculum within McCombs is built to give students an overall understanding of all the different business degrees. I learned about the differences between business functions and that helped me narrow my options down to finance. I am constantly surrounded by driven individuals who push me to challenge myself, and I often find myself learning from my peers and mentors. The professors are some of the best in the nation, and I am very lucky to be one of their students.

Exploring Business Through UGS
The academic advisors within UGS really gave me a better understanding and perspective about the business school. Being able to take some intro classes to explore my options and not having the pressure of following a particular path during my first year solidified my decision to apply for an internal transfer into McCombs.

Favorite Study Spot
The south mall

Campus Involvement
I was involved with the Election Supervisory Board, Undergraduate Studies Council, Student Government, Senate of College Councils, Undergraduate Business Council, Asian American Cultural Committee, and Vietnamese Students Association. I was a First-year Interest Group mentor, an Honors Colloquium mentor, and an orientation advisor.

I have interned for both JP Morgan Chase in Dallas and TCG Group Holdings, Inc