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Armando Vera III

Armando Vera
International Relations and Global Studies and Corporate Communication
Spring 2014

Armando was originally interested in business and medicine. After exploring his interests in Undergraduate Studies, he is now double majoring in international relations & global studies and corporate communication and hopes to become an entrepreneur.

“Be yourself, be flexible, and trust your heart. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The professors, staff, administrators, and students on campus are pretty willing to help a Longhorn out.”

Exploring Majors
When I first arrived at UT, I was convinced that my strategy to take over the world would consist of me majoring in both business and medicine. I worked toward getting into the McCombs School of Business, but I was the only person in my First-year Interest Group that didn’t make it in. I changed my mind about medicine right after I took my first biology and chemistry classes.

I decided to declare my first major, international relations and global studies, soon after returning from a transformative summer experience in Peru that I was able to do thanks to the UGS Summer Exploration Grant. There, I taught English to a large group of disadvantaged orphans. My time in Cuzco raised a lot of questions about the complex world we live in. My UGS advisor, Rose Mastrangelo, the best advisor I have ever known, suggested I look into international relations and global studies. I took on IRG as my first major, and then decided to declare a dual degree from the Moody College of Communication in corporate communication.

Road Bumps
I wasn’t prepared for college. My first semester was a complete and utter nightmare. My GPA dipped to an all-time low. My morale crashed and I began to give up hope of ever getting into McCombs or even graduating from UT. I was able to pick myself back up, with the help and assistance of my advisor, a handful of caring professors, and the incredibly useful Sanger Learning Ce