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Outstanding UGS Alumni

Meet exceptional Longhorns who started UT as undeclared UGS students. Click to learn more about how they chose majors, explored careers, and discovered their paths through the university.

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Reid Luedecke
Exercise Science

Reid was discouraged when he was denied admission into the College of Natural Sciences, but after his experience in UGS he was able to find the perfect balance between the two things he loves—science and health. Through Wayfinder, he was able to explore different...

“I had an amazing experience with UGS and would recommend anyone with even the slightest doubt about their major to consider seeking out the program. UGS helped me discover what I really want out of a major at UT by helping me discover myself.”

Callie Hacker
Theatre and Dance
Business Foundations Certificate

Callie found a home in UGS and used it as a stepping stone to get where she is today. Originally with hopes of being an accountant, Callie began to see that was not where she belonged. Through a few struggles and the help of her professors and advisors, she joined a...

“It’s amazing how powerful positivity and hope are. If you take time to look around, you notice that despite all of these problems you’re facing, the world still turns, the sun always rises, and tomorrow is a brand new day. So have hope. You may not know what you’re going to do for the rest of your life, that’s okay.”

Curtis Martin
Computer Engineering

Curtis transferred to UT from a community college with the intention of studying electrical engineering. When he was unable to get into the program, he was placed into his second choice—UGS. At first he was unaware of what the program would do for him but he came...

“Ultimately, UGS turned out to be the best possible place for someone like myself that was transferring from a community college and trying to get into one of the most difficult degrees at UT. The UGS program allowed me to ease myself into the far more challenging courses that were required in electrical engineering, as well as providing me with an advisor who was caring and supportive of my progress.”

Elena Luna
Health Promotion

UGS helped Elena transition from high school to college. She was uneasy about not knowing what to major in, but with the help of UGS and recommendations from her advisor, she was able to find the areas that interested her the most. Elena...

“For me, it was a hard transition from high school to college but I feel that my experience in UGS gave me a broader spectrum of what to expect from UT. In the end, I feel like I had an advantage and more time to figure out what I wanted to do with my major in comparison to my friend group.”

Isabella Sheehan

Isabella was accepted to the School of Undergraduate Studies instead of her first choice, public relations. As she prepares her application for the Moody College of Communication this spring, Isabella has been busy gaining valuable experiences through her internships and participation in student...

“The School of Undergraduate Studies has consistently been my support line. Every time I have questions or concerns I know that I can find an advisor to guide me through the process.”

Truc Nguyen
Business (Corporate Finance)

Truc Nguyen spent two semesters in UGS exploring the ins and outs of business school before solidifying her decision to transfer into McCombs. Truc is incredibly active in the UT and UGS communities and has served as...

“I am forever grateful for the School of Undergraduate Studies. It gave me a strong foundation for my education and the support system was incredible. I am very happy to have been a part of its earlier days and was able to get involved with some of its flagship programs and helped build a stronger presence for UGS on campus.”

Erick Munoz
Radio, Television, Film

An international student from Mexico, Erick was initially accepted to the School of Undergraduate Studies instead of his first choice—Radio, Television, Film (RTF). As a UGS student, Erick completed core...

“When I found out I was accepted to UGS, I didn’t really know how it worked. But I just realized, ok, I need to work harder to get into what I want.”

Andrew Cavazos
Business Foundations Certificate

Andrew was accepted to the School of Undergraduate Studies instead of his first choice, architecture. After a tough first semester, Andrew worked with his advisor in the Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling to pull up...

“[The School of Undergraduate Studies] gave me the time to actually find a major that fit what I wanted to, instead of coming into UT as a certain major, going through that curriculum and realizing, I don’t really like this.”

Caleb Ingels
Broadcast Journalism

Caleb spent two semesters in UGS before being admitted in the College of Communications where he will be graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism this spring. As a UGS student, Caleb received crucial help from his...

“My advice for undecided students is to … pay attention to what makes you lean forward when you talk, and find a way to study that.”

Ivy Mestrovic
Theatre and Dance

Ivy spent her first two years in UGS exploring majors before discovering a European folklore class that changed everything. Now an anthropology major, Ivy will graduate this spring and begin her graduate studies in the fall.

“Everything felt open to me [in UGS] and it’s stayed that way even now. I now feel free to experiment with classes, and I don’t limit myself to classes in my major at all.”

Taryn Moore
Education: Youth and Community Studies

Originally interested in majoring in math and doing the pre-med track, Taryn spent two semesters exploring her interests in UGS before declaring an education major.

“I would advise other UGS students to be patient and try out different classes.”

MyHanh Ta

MyHanh was originally interested in biology and pre-dental, but after four semesters in UGS she declared sociology and hopes to become a counselor or therapist.

“The most surprising thing about my major was learning that a sociology degree can open doors and lead one to many academic and career opportunities. I feel that there are really no limits t