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Outstanding UGS Alumni

Meet exceptional Longhorns who started UT as undeclared UGS students. Click to learn more about how they chose majors, explored careers, and discovered their paths through the university.

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Walter Zamora
Investment Finance

Walter entered UT hoping to pursue a business degree. After three semesters in UGS and a semester as a corporate communications major, he successfully transferred into McCombs. He is the financial director for the...

“My advice for UGS students is don’t worry too much about it. Find something you like or find useful and study that. … Also, get involved with student organizations as much as possible.”

Horacio Villarreal
History and Government

Horacio is the 2013-2014 UT student body president. Originally interested in biology and medicine, Horacio spent two semesters exploring his options as a student in the School of Undergraduate Studies and is now double majoring in history...

“The School of Undergraduate Studies was an amazing opportunity for me to test out a few fields of study that I considered for a possible major.”

Lauren Fedele
Urban Studies and Geography

Lauren received the 2014 President’s Student Employee of the Year Award for her hard work in Facilities Services and the Campus Environmental Center. Lauren spent three semesters as an Undergraduate Studies student before declaring...

“Do not be discouraged that you are undeclared while everyone else has declared a major. Everyone as a freshmen is unsure of their future and what they want to do. Use this time to explore your interests.”

Armando Vera
International Relations and Global Studies and Corporate Communication

Armando was originally interested in business and medicine. After exploring his interests in Undergraduate Studies, he is now double majoring in international relations & global studies and corporate communication and hopes to become an entrepreneur.

“Be yourself, be flexible, and trust your heart. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The professors, staff, administrators, and students on campus are pretty willing to help a Longhorn out.”

Lora Chowdhury
Economics with Business Foundations

Lora spent two semesters in UGS exploring her interests. With the help of her academic advisor, she declared a major in economics with a Business Foundations certificate and is...

“[UGS] has given me direction and the utmost satisfaction with my major choice. I love every bit of what I do and I am not sure I would have found it as fast (or at all) without UGS.”

Emily Williams
International Relations and Global Studies
Middle Eastern Studies

Initially, Emily hoped to go into the medical field, but with encouragement from her UGS academic advisor, she explored her options for two semesters by auditing classes and joining clubs. She also served as a...

“First and foremost, UGS allowed me to make an informed and intelligent decision about my major. Without UGS, it’s likely that I would have changed my major and interests multiple times and wasted an unfortunate amount of time that could have been better utilized.”

Alex Macias
Health Promotion
Theatre and Dance

Alexandria looked all over campus for a major that fit her interests and goals. After two semesters in UGS, she declared her major in health promotion and is now a certified personal trainer. Alex is also completing a Bridging...

“There will be time to choose a major. If there are too many options for you, look into concentrations, certificates, or research opportunities—these can keep you graduating in four years and add an extra kick to your degree plan.”

Bradley Worsham

Bradley spent four semesters in UGS working to achieve his goal of transferring into McCombs School of Business. With the help of his advisor and his entrepreneurship FIG, he...

“I can speak from experience and say that employers will be impressed with the patience and dedication to your goal that results from your time in UGS, as well as the experiences you will have that can arise only by spending time in the School of Undergraduate Studies.”

Reva Davis
African & African Diaspora Studies

Reva entered UT wanting to be a lawyer, but she wasn’t sure what to study to reach her goal. After two semesters in UGS, she discovered her initial plan to study government changed to finding her passion and declared a major in African & African Diaspora...

“My advisor encouraged me to pursue an area of study that I would love and not just tolerate. The decision to actually do so has enriched my life in so many different ways, and for that, I appreciate UGS. It’s a gateway to numerous possibilities.”

Natalie Arevalo

Natalie spent four semester in UGS exploring majors and participating in UGS Council, ...

“Immediately after graduating from high school I was overwhelmed with the prospect of having to decide what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Being accepted to UGS and being given the time to explore and discover what it is I really wanted to study shattered that narrow idea for me.”

Jensen Blezinger
Corporate Finance

Jensen spent four semesters at UGS and explored different options in the McCombs School of Business before declaring Corporate Finance as her major. She will be working at Silicon Valley Bank in California after graduation.

“Be open to different areas of study and give yourself time to find your interests. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions, because otherwise you will never learn.”

Caleb Jones

Caleb spent three semesters in Undergraduate Studies and then declared a major in neurobiology after taking various biology courses. He will begin medical school this fall.

“The School of Undergraduate Studies gave me a chance to analyze several majors. I liked not having to jump into a major when I first started college.”