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Choosing a FIG

College-based FIG students enrolled in the same college share classes and participate in weekly seminars. A peer mentor and a staff facilitator lead each weekly seminar.

Residential FIG students share classes, participate in weekly seminars, and live close to each other in an on-campus residence hall. Learn more about Whitis Court Residence Hall.

Pre-professional FIG students share classes and participate in weekly seminars. These FIGs are open to all majors at the university (unless otherwise noted), and are based on common themes. For example, students interested in going to law school can enroll in the Pre-Law FIG.

Why enroll in a FIG?

A FIG will give you the tools that you need to navigate and succeed at The University of Texas at Austin. Enrolling in a FIG will give you a number of advantages in your first semester at UT Austin.

Learn how to

  • form study groups
  • study efficiently and effectively
  • utilize the university’s resources
  • get involved on campus

You have a great opportunity to make friends with students who share your academic interests and who are in your classes.

How are FIG Courses Grouped?

FIG course groupings are organized around a theme or academic area. In addition, these courses satisfy degree requirements and students find it easy to form study groups with their peers in their cluster. Visit the orientation brochure page to view the various FIG offerings.