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Catherine Coussons

Catherine Coussons
Petroleum Engineering
Spring 2011

After participating in a Residential FIG as a freshman, Catherine became a FIG mentor and also worked in the FIG office to assist in the training of new FIG mentors.

Training new mentors has given me the opportunity to see how FIG has inspired others to become leaders and provide guidance to newcomers in the difficult transition from high school to college. In general, the FIG program is an excellent learning experience for both the mentor and students. It provides freshmen a great opportunity to learn more about the university as well as make friends and network with faculty and staff. As a mentor, you get the personal satisfaction of knowing you have affected someone’s life in a positive manner.

How has it helped you or changed your life in any way?
I learned that uncertainty is not always something to fear, but rather something to learn from. Through the FIG program, I was able to interact with students experiencing the same apprehension as I was. The combined effort of each individual allowed us to grow together and accomplish our first year of college. Furthermore, this beneficial support system has left me