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Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Honors Colloquium is to provide selected high school students who have demonstrated academic excellence the opportunity to learn about the many exciting educational opportunities at The University of Texas at Austin. To ensure that all participants may benefit from the Colloquium and to promote their comfort and well being, guidelines for individual conduct must be followed. All participants are expected to contribute to the overall success of the program by following these guidelines for living in the residence hall and participating in Colloquium activities.

Attendance at all activities and programs is expected for the duration of the Honors Colloquium. Unless Colloquium staff has approved prior arrangements, students must remain on the campus throughout the Honors Colloquium. All colloquists must remain in Jester West residence hall following the conclusion of the evening cohort meetings, and return to their assigned room by 12:30 a.m.

Students must observe Colloquium regulations regarding access to areas that are designated for men or women only.

Appropriate behavior and consideration of the rights of others is expected. Excessive noise, rowdiness, misuse of elevators or fire safety equipment, damage to University facilities, or other loud or disruptive behavior is not permitted.

Students must refrain from using electronic communication or game devices during any scheduled Colloquium activity.

Weapons, facsimile weapons, candles, fireworks, or other objects that may cause harm to other people or damage to the facilities are prohibited.

The use or possession of illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

The University of Texas at Austin is tobacco-free. The use of any tobacco products is prohibited in university buildings and on university grounds within the state of Texas, including parking areas, sidewalks, walkways, attached parking structures and university owned buildings.

Violations of Texas laws are considered to be violations of University regulations as well.

A student who fails to abide by this Code of Conduct will be subject to dismissal from the program and an early return home. A student also may be billed for the repair, damage, or misappropriation of property that results from misconduct. If a student is dismissed, every effort will be made to notify the parent or guardian.

If a student fails to attend a required activity, Colloquium staff will take steps to locate him or her to encourage a return to full participation. If Colloquium staff cannot locate the student, we will contact parents or emergency contacts for information and advice regarding further action.