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Reasons to Start UT Enrolled in Undergraduate Studies

Please visit our prospective students portal for more information about the School of Undergraduate Studies.

Declare a Major with Confidence

By taking the time to explore your interests, you can declare a major with confidence. 86% of 2012 graduates who started in UGS graduated with the first major they declared.

Explore All the Options

Students who start in the School of Undergraduate Studies can learn about all their academic options before committing to one field of study.

UT offers over 120 majors and numerous certificate programs. UGS academic advisors help students discover which ones best fit their interest and goals.

Magellan's Circles

Twice a semester, UGS invites local professionals to engage in round table discussions with a small group of UGS students. Students engage in a casual discussion about the working world, starting careers in different fields, and how majors translate to careers.

Strategic Advising

Each UGS student is assigned an academic advisor to help him or her explore majors, select courses, and discover work, internship, and research opportunities.

UGS has the lowest student to advisor ratio among the larger UT colleges. Therefore, students and advisors meet more frequently and build long-lasting relationships as they work together to identify the student’s interests and goals.

UGS Ambassadors

Current and former UGS students are nominated to be ambassadors who represent the School of Undergraduate Studies at special events and outreach functions. Ambassadors gain valuable public speaking, networking, and leadership experience.

Undergraduate Studies Student Council

Students who are enrolled in UGS or involved in a UGS program can join the student council. Participants gain leadership experience through working to influence school university policy and plan social events for their peers.


Log on to the school’s interactive major and career exploration site for in-depth information on every major offered at UT, self assessments, career