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Graduate and Professional School Scholarships

For more specific information about these graduate and professional school scholarships, please contact the appropriate office associated with each listing.

Longhorn Law Opportunity Scholarship

The Longhorn Law Opportunity Scholarship covers $5000 of tuition and fees each of the three years of law school. This award is an extension of the Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship program, and is designed to augment students’ financial aid packages and to reduce the need for loans while enrolled at the law school. Recipients must have graduated from a Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship high school and be accepted to the UT law school to qualify. There is no restriction on the number of newly admitted law students who can receive this scholarship and there is no special process for applicants. Admitted applicants who meet the required criteria will be notified by letter after acceptance to the law school. For more information, please contact the UT Law School Financial Aid off