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Wayfinder Honored by National Advising Organization

The National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) awarded a certificate of merit to Wayfinder, the dynamic advising website developed by Undergraduate Studies. The award recognizes the most creative and unique uses of technology that support academic advising.

Wayfinder guides current, admitted, and prospective students to customized advising resources and activities, supplemented with stories from successful professionals about their life paths. Wayfinder does not replace academic or career advising: it encourages students to take control of their own educational decisions. It aims to give them the practical tools they need to make an informed choice about their major.

Wayfinder was developed by a team of School of Undergraduate Studies and Information Technology Services staff working together to shepherd the project through its conceptual and introductory stages. Site content is being added and updated by Brad Popiolek, in the Center for Strategic Advising. The site is funded by the AT&T Foundation.

Award Criteria

Advising Technology Innovation Awards and Certificates of Merit are selected according to the following criteria:

  • Content (35%)
  • Interactivity (25%)
  • Clarity (15%)
  • Creativity (15%)
  • Overall impression (10%)

Technology used to support and enhance advising can include advising websites, databases, electronic portfolios, online tutorials, software applications, and other forms of technology.