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Grad Students Mentor the Grad School Bound

A former Intellectual Entrepreneurship intern says that “this IE Internship has opened my eyes to possibilities I never before had contemplated. It has allowed me to think about my education and discipline from the bottom up, rather than the top down."(read more)

Welcome Sanger Center

We are pleased to welcome our newest addition, the Sanger Learning & Career Center. The move will make it possible for UGS and the Sanger Center to coordinate and expand services for under-graduates. (read more)

Social Anxiety & Facebook Studied by Undergraduate Researcher

Junior Psychology major & former Intellectual Entrepreneurship intern Sarah Kettles says that research has defined her UT experience and she "cannot imagine [her] academic life without it." She hopes to continue her research in a doctoral program.(read more)

Faculty Signature Course Deadline Approaches

Faculty are invited to submit proposals for 2012-13 courses by October 3. (read more)

Why Be Generous?

Students in the Signature Course "Ethics & the Art of Giving" will give away $100,000 next May. For the rest of the semester they'll debate questions about giving under the leadership of Paul Woodruff, philosopher and UGS dean. Apply now. (read more)

President Mentions UGS Programs in State of the University

President Powers mentioned two Undergraduate Studies programs in his State of the University address on Wednesday: the Signature Course Program, and Undergraduate Research.(read more)

$5000 for Best Course Design

The Center for European Studies sponsors a contest to create new a Signature Course designed to address ethical leadership. The focus of the class should be on the European Union, or United States relations with the EU. October 3 deadline.(read more)

Research That Changes the World

Dean Woodruff encouraged undergraduates to impact their environments in the final event in the University Lecture Series. Speakers are involved in an anthrax antidote 20 times more powerful, Shakespeare performance, and large-scale research on parental involvement.(read more)

Director Robert Rodriguez's Former Professor Reflects

In the University Lecture Series, Ramírez Berg reflects on Rodriguez's hard work. “[El Mariachi] was so compelling, so vibrant, I had to keep watching,” Ramirez-Berg said. “He didn’t have seven or 70 million. He had $7,000.” Read the whole story in the Daily Texan.(read more)

New Students Connect with Great Faculty

Dr. Charles Ramírez Berg talks about his relationship with director Robert Rodriguez on Sept 12. On Sept 13, researchers present work on everything from Shakespeare villains to sled dogs.(read more)