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Social Caps UGS Week

Undergraduate Studies Council hosted the first UGS Week to highlight opportunities for students. Events included Donuts with Dean Woodruff and a resume-building workshop.(read more)

Research on Perceptions of Art

Margaret Sanders designed and conducted her own psychology study from start to finish, focusing on categorization & engagement with pieces of art. She says that conducting research has been one of her best experiences at UT. (read more)

Undergrad Research Enlivens Academic Experience

Human Biology major Jose Ybarra says that through research, "what was once a static classroom existence instantly became a dynamic world of discovery." Visit this year's Research Week events to find out more about the exciting work of undergraduates across campus.(read more)

Honors Societies Award New Fellowships & Scholarships

Alpha Lambda Delta & Phi Eta Sigma also inducted over 600 new members.(read more)

Dean Woodruff on Education & Plato's Cave

Plato's cave-dwellers are like students who see only what is on the screen in a windowless lecture room, or on the Internet. They have no basis for questioning the PowerPoint slides they are being been shown.(read more)

Entrepreneur Visits with UGS Students

Lee Walker is a former Dell president, award-winning teacher, nuclear physicist, philanthropist, high-tech visionary & investor, and founding board member of the Lance Armstrong foundation.(read more)

Nominate for the Cale McDowell Award for Innovation in Undergraduate Studies

The award may be given to a deserving member of the School of Undergraduate Studies, or reward extraordinary effort by any University of Texas at Austin student, faculty or staff member toward improving the core curriculum at UT Austin(read more)

UGS Student Finds Major & Career Path through Internship

Sydney Cruz's summer internship led from interests in art and technology to a job with UT's Center for Teaching and Learning, acceptance to the RTF program, and more concrete goals. She says that although the internship was challenging and time-consuming, she was always excited to go to work. (read more)

Grants for Undergrads Studying Abroad

45 $1,000 Phi Kappa Phi grants are awarded each year, available to all University of Texas at Austin students, not just Phi Kappa Phi members. The grants are designed to help support undergraduates as they seek knowledge and experience in their academic fields by studying abroad. (read more)

Enspire Founder & CEO Advises UGS Students

E-learning entrepreneur and Plan II alumnus Bjorn Billhardt will meet with a small group of Undergraduate Studies students to chat about careers, choosing a major, and how choices made in undergraduate careers can affect life after college.(read more)