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UGS Course Featured in The Daily Texan

Four undergraduates who were inspired by their experiences in "Philanthropy: The Power of Giving" will form a student organization to continue the work of their UGS course. (read more)

Class of 2019 Welcome Events

The School of Undergraduate Studies hosted Freshman Reading Round-Up and Gone to Undergraduate Studies Tuesday to welcome the class of 2019 to The University of Texas and kick off the new school year. (read more)

Five Ways to Meet Your Academic Goals and Still Have a Life

At the beginning of a new semester, you might be wondering where your studies fit in. Use these five tips to help strike a balance. (read more)

Two Students Selected as City Hall Fellows

Bridging Disciplines Programs students Melissa Flores and Cristina Urdiales will work alongside city leaders, residents, and neighborhood associations to help them determine community priorities for revitalization. (read more)

Video: Bridging Disciplines Programs Alumni

Watch BDP alumni explain how the program helped them shape their education to suit their goals and interests through a course of study that integrates classroom, research, and internship experiences.(read more)

Software Debate Continues

UGS writing coordinator’s research raises questions about efficacy of plagiarism detection software.(read more)

UGS Hosts 34th Honors Colloquium

Rising high school seniors from across the state converged on The University of Texas at Austin for three days of college-level courses, residential life, and tours of labs, libraries, and museums across the Forty Acres. (read more)

Undergraduates Visualize Research with New Technology

Two undergraduates use high-tech tools to help researchers present data to new audiences in the Visualization Laboratory of the Texas Advanced Computing Center. (read more)

Two Awarded Fulbright Grants

Jesse Crandell will study music and social movements in Brazil and Bianca Patel will study English education and food production in Malaysia. Both earned Bridging Disciplines Programs certificates and graduated in May. (read more)

Registration Tips for Orientation

Registering for classes can be a confusing and nerve-racking process, especially at orientation. An advisor in the Vick Center has compiled several tips to consider when registering for your first semester of classes. (read more)