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Lecture Series Discusses Topics of Interest to Freshmen

The ninth annual University Lecture Series put top faculty in front of first-year students with lectures on learning and leadership to introduce new ways of thinking. (read more)

Texas Student Research Showdown

For the first time, undergraduate student researchers at the University of Texas at Austin are competing for $2,500 in awards in the Texas Student Research Showdown. (read more)

Bridging Disciplines Students Go to Washington

Five BDP students will live, learn, and intern in Washington, D.C., through the Archer Fellowship Program this fall. Students will study public policy and service through coursework and a full-time internship.(read more)

Alumna's Work Aids in the Classroom

Bridging Disciplines Programs alumna's project being used as a teaching tool at Belton High School. (read more)

Core Curriculum, UGS Enrich Learning Experience

Read an opinion column in The Daily Texan about the value of Undergraduate Studies courses and the core curriculum written by biology junior Michael Jensen. (read more)

Plan Ahead with a Deadline Calendar

From tuition to papers to group projects, there are a lot of deadlines to keep track of throughout the semester. Download the Sanger Learning Center's deadline calendar to plan ahead. (read more)

Dante and Don: The Word Made Flesh and the Word Made Cash

Read an essay from Guy Raffa, professor of the Signature Course "Dante's Hell and Its Afterlife", examining the parallels between Dante and Don Draper of "Mad Men". (read more)

UGS Course Featured in The Daily Texan

Four undergraduates who were inspired by their experiences in "Philanthropy: The Power of Giving" will form a student organization to continue the work of their UGS course. (read more)

Class of 2019 Welcome Events

The School of Undergraduate Studies hosted Freshman Reading Round-Up and Gone to Undergraduate Studies Tuesday to welcome the class of 2019 to The University of Texas and kick off the new school year. (read more)

Five Ways to Meet Your Academic Goals and Still Have a Life

At the beginning of a new semester, you might be wondering where your studies fit in. Use these five tips to help strike a balance. (read more)