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Research Training

Whether working with chemicals, biologicals, animals, or people, student researchers must undergo some training before getting involved.

Human and Animal Research Training

All researchers who will be working with human subjects must first complete a training module on human subjects research. Human subjects research is defined as any project that involves performing physical procedures on a human being, interacting with human beings, collecting private or identifiable information, or otherwise involves studying living persons. Researchers should familiarize themselves with the ethical issues that can accompany human subjects research.

All researchers must complete a training module on working with animals prior to engaging in research on vertebrate animals. Researchers should also familiarize themselves with the ethical issues that can accompany animal research.

Laboratory Safety Training

All students participating in laboratory research using hazardous chemicals or biological materials are required to complete an online laboratory safety course, OH 201.

Laboratory safety training must be completed within 30 days of the start of any laboratory research; however, many project supervisors and faculty members will ask you to complete it before you begin working with them.

For more information, visit Environmental Health & Safety’s Laboratory Safety page. SURGe also offers laboratory safety workshops once a semester.