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Archive of Past Undergraduate Researchers

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Andrew Davis

Andrew’s undergraduate research topic is Urban Regeneration in Detroit, Michigan.

“My work celebrates the process of researching by de-emphasizing the results and focusing on progression.”

Zachary Garber
Government & English

Zachary’s research topic was William Lauder’s Impact on the History of Barbados

“I have built much stronger relationships with other members of the administration and faculty and have been able to attend research conferences, as well as presented my own research here at UT Austin.”

Trieu Pham

Trieu’s undergraduate research topic was Apyrase Enzymes regulate Arabidopsis thaliana Primary Root Gravitropism.

“Thanks to my professors’ contagious enthusiasm and my mentors’ motivation, they helped spark an interest that I never knew had existed.”

Garrett Fair
Business Honors Program & Mathematics

Garrett’s undergraduate research topic was The Gatekeepers: A Study of Credit Rating Agency Analysts and Their Role in the Financial Crisis.

“Even if you’re not interested in graduate school or a Ph.D., you can still build a very valuable skill set from working in research that can be useful in future jobs.”

Katherine Hysmith
Plan II Honors & French

Katherine’s undergraduate research topic was Jane Austen.

“The grandest thing is that you can literally research in almost every field here at UT; from labs to library shelves, there is something for everyone.”

Sunanda Dharmarajan

Sunanda’s undergraduate research topic was Discrimination of Organic Acids and Wine Varietals by Arrays of Differential Colorimetric Sensors.

“You can get a basic understanding of biology and chemistry by going to class, but it is not until you engage in research that you truly understand science.”

Margaret Sanders
Plan II & Psychology

Margaret’s undergraduate research topic was The Effect of Categorization on Judgments of Paintings.

“With this undergraduate research experience, I feel prepared for graduate school and confident that I will be able to make the most of it from the start.”