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Archive of Past Undergraduate Researchers

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Sunanda Dharmarajan

Sunanda’s undergraduate research topic was Discrimination of Organic Acids and Wine Varietals by Arrays of Differential Colorimetric Sensors.

“You can get a basic understanding of biology and chemistry by going to class, but it is not until you engage in research that you truly understand science.”

Trieu Pham

Trieu’s undergraduate research topic was Apyrase Enzymes regulate Arabidopsis thaliana Primary Root Gravitropism.

“Thanks to my professors’ contagious enthusiasm and my mentors’ motivation, they helped spark an interest that I never knew had existed.”

Kevin Martin
Humanities, Government & History

Kevin’s undergraduate research topic was Genocide and the Escalation of Ethnic Violence.

“Past the obvious benefits gained from research such as discipline, refinement of researching and writing skills, and a general increase in knowledge over broad and specific topics, research has indelibly changed who I am as a person.”

Muna Rehman
Arabic & Government

Muna’s undergraduate research topic was Assessing the Outcomes of Political Assassinations

“[Undergraduate research] has really helped me evolve from just a regular student to an informed individual.”