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Shaun Lane

Visual Art Studies

Shaun’s undergraduate research topic is Integrating Modern Technology into the Art Classroom/ What Role Does Ethics Play in the Art Classroom?

“Participating in research has given me a sense of ownership and control over my educational experience as an undergraduate at UT.”

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Christina Bain and Dr. Heidi Powell, Art and Art History

Briefly describe your research project.

The research involves searching out and implementing the best practices for instruction in the art classroom, from tools & technology, to ethical issues such as censorship.

What has been the most rewarding part of your research experience (so far)?

What I consider most rewarding is the exposure to the many different digital tools available to the modern educator, as well as the different points of view concerning particular ethical issues. I believe that truly opening up my own way of thinking to new methodologies and ideologies has made me not only a better teacher, but a better person overall.

How has participating in research affected your undergraduate experience at UT?

Participating in research has given me a sense of ownership and control over my educational experience as an undergraduate at UT. It’s one thing to be taught material that is deemed important by content experts, but to pursue issues that I find to be personally interesting and actively learning more about them makes me feel as though I am constructing my own form of ‘curriculum’.

What has been the greatest challenge that you have had to overcome as you worked on your research project?

The greatest challenge that I had to overcome working on my research project was probably time management. Dividing time between required course studies and those I engage in voluntarily was an interesting balancing exercise. I have no doubt that such an experience taught me the significance of effective time management.

Do you think having been involved in research as an undergraduate will be helpful to you in the future? If so, how?

Being involved with research as an undergraduate has taught or reinforced many necessary professional skills. Accountability, initiative, and effective use of resources and time are without question attributes that future employers will be searching for.

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