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Models for Participation

Here are some ways that undergraduates typically participate in research.

Individual Project

Individual research includes theses, independent studies, and creative projects. The Undergraduate Research Journal provides excellent examples of what a student can accomplish in an individual research project. The journal is student-edited and publishes an array of multidisciplinary work from undergraduates across campus.


As an undergraduate researcher writing a thesis, you have the opportunity to create a product that reflects your unique interests, as well as your passion and commitment to learning.

Assistance on a Research Project

Serving as a research assistant involves working with a faculty member or graduate student on an existing research project. Such an experience can provide you with valuable training in how to conduct research. You also get the chance to work closely with renowned faculty and with members of a research team. As a research assistant, you typically assist with a project rather than conduct your own study.

Study Abroad Program with a Research Component

Study abroad can provide excellent opportunities to pursue research and gain cross-cultural skills and experiences. The Study Abroad Office helps make international learning experiences available to every student. Advisors in that office can help connect you to programs that include a research component.