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Undergraduate Presenters

Poster Title Presenter Name
Assessing the Impact of Maps on Foreign Aid Allocation Decisions Gisel Acquatella
Parity or Privilege? A Study of Australian Business Interests' Political Influence Conor Danaher
Speak Up! Should artistic expression in art education receive the same degree of legal protection as other types of freedoms of expression? Jacqueline Cardenas, Natalie Gomez, Chelsea Chang
A MODIS Satellite based Examination of Annual Burned Area and Photosynthetic Response to Seasonal Fire One Year Post Burn in Southern Africa’s Miombo Woodland Belt Emily Mixon
A Stratified Analysis of Lexical Substitution Methods Emily Tagtow
Analyzing and Predicting Shoreline Change Rates along The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Preston McLaughlin
Analyzing the Strands: What the Hair Trade Tells Us about Africa/ Gulf Globalization Dominica Whitesell
Artistic Freedom: What is the Boundary Between Freedom of Speech and the Public Good? Crystal Schreiber, YeunJae Chang, Minhye Choi, Gregory Castillo
Assimilation vs Acculturation in relation to politics: A Case Study of Tom J. Lee Francis Shue
Auditory Category Learning Across Development Arielle Glick, Lexi Smith
Bayesian modeling of neuron firing rate maps using a B-spline prior Eszter Kish, Eric Rincon
Being Kind to Yourself Under Pressure: Self-Compassion Mediates Decreases in Perceived Stress Among Women Participating in a Hatha Yoga Intervention Madeline Pantoni
Below-the-Line Voter Behavior in Australian Senate Elections Christopher Burge
Biological Filtration of Contaminants from Drinking Water Ethan Howley
Biomimetic Synthesis and modification of antimalarial flindersial alkaloids Suliman Sharif
Borrowed Images: How are appropriation and plagiarism considered in art education? Lauren Johnson, Olivia Ruggles, Sarah Hornberger, Elizabeth Jones
Building Personality Evan Delord
Chinese Finance in Africa: The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Development Aid in sub-Saharan Africa Caroline Thomas
Co-Sponsorship Networks Between Junior and Senior Senators Ashley Thomas
Coffee: production, procurement, and sustainability Juan Carlos Nunez
Coffeehouses of the Enlightenment: Reviving the Culture in the Present Sofie McComb
College Athletics: Athletes First, Students Second? Daniel Escobar
Comprehensiveness of Special Education in Four Different Countries Schuyler Dale
Computational Sequencing and Humanization of Antibodies Coral Loockerman
Constituency Development Funds, or Campaign Development Funds? A Look at the 2007 Kenyan Parliamentary Election Daniel Chapman
Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Texas: an eco-epidemiological study Emily Seltzer, Ina Grose, Belal Alammar, Alex Fazzone
Do children with language impairment behave differently in a grammatical priming task than typically developing children? Cristina Rincon
Documenting Travel Anna Vaught
Dollars for Dissent? Foreign Aid and Nonviolent Conflict in Aid Recipient Countries Raymond Weyandt
Eastern vs. Western Medicine Viet Nguyen
Effective Aid in Health Ria Chakrabarty
Ethnic and Regional Favoritism Catharine Cready
Evidence-based treatment for stuttering: A preschool case study Blanca Esperanza, Miranda Sims, Jasmin Singh, Robyn Ward
Evidence-based treatment for stuttering: A school-age case study Whitney Barlow, Kendell Tallas, Devon Rush
Evidence-based treatment for stuttering: An adult case study Katrina Givens, Julie Kim, Elizabeth Webster
Evolving Obesity Prevention Policies in United States Elementary Schools: 1966-2014 Stephanie Astle
Exploring predictors of little cigar/cigarillo use and alteration among African American young adults Kolbi Darden
Fakers of Aboriginal Art Ashley Stanford
Food and Beverage Advertising and Youth: a focus-group analysis of what youth find appealing in food and beverage marketing Jessica Preston
Foreign Accent Adaptation in Noise Karen Johnson, Elisa Ferracane
Foreign Aid Oversight: Is Congress Paying Attention? Zachary Barth
From the Bones of Wolves: Guitar Music from the Southwest United States Thales Smith
Gender Beliefs and Mental Health Outcomes among Mexican Americans in Borderland Communities Maria Renteria
How does one's area of study affect their health? Hareem Usmani
How Hogwarts Empowers: The Function and Practicality of Alternate Realities Within Modern Children's Literature Lauren Ferguson
How Urbanization Rate Affects Infrastructural Spending and Aid Allocation in Latin America and Africa Olivia Arena
Identifying a Novel Inhibitor for GES-5 Carbapenemase in Klebsiella pneumonia Infections by Virtual Drug Screening Xenia Gonzalez
Imitation Rate is Contingent on the Opacity of the Rules of a Task Mary Cantu-Garcia, Gabby Sepulveda, Amie Tran
Improving Sorority and Fraternity Life Through Risk Management Training Diane Sun, Alex Moos
Information Processing in Congressional Hearings on Benghazi Cyrus Huncharek
Interest Group Spending in 2012 Congressional Election Campaigns Anna Scanlon
Intraspecific Trait Variability of Endophytic Fungi Alyssa Hansen
Investing Foul Play in Financial Crisis: An Introduction to Forensic Finance Kevin Mei
Italy Through the Pages Allison Swarr
Juvenile Expungement Christian Guerrero
Language experience and its effects on the accurate production of tongue twisters in Spanish English bilinguals Alison Barry
Learning Tuscany Cara Butler
Machiavelli and the Transition to Discursive Governance Elijah Roden
Mandatory Minimum Sentencing's Effects on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Maureen Clark
Meaning in Public Space: The Texas State Capitol as Epideictic Rhetoric David DeVine
Measuring Museum Development Initiatives Mary Jessen
Mental Health in the Agenda Cristela Guevara
Mistakes Were Made: On the Use of Agency and Other Factors in the Analysis of Political Apology Speeches Alina Carnahan
Neo-Confucianism and Seowon, the teaching halls of Korea Hyojung Lee
No Crusades, No Columbus: A Study of Cultural Interchange 1100-1500 Jeremy Wenzel
Online Activism and Networked Feminism: Wendy Davis and her Filibuster Ketty Loo
Paper Collection Mimi Richardson
Physician Assisted Death in America Mackenzie Spaniol
Pilot Native Advertising Study Jessie Neuendorff
Policy Changes in the National School Lunch Program and Childhood Obesity Samuel de Leon
Portals and Tokens of Italian Travel and Life of the Everyman Samantha Fucile
Prevention of Substance Use with Military Veterans in College: Beliefs System and Psychological Distress Christine Rodriguez
Procedural Voting: An Explanation for Party Polarization in Congress Rebecca James
Rehabilitating Canines: The Journey of Former Fighting Dogs Larissa Zelezniak
Representations of War in Film Johnathon Reddinger
Rhetoric of Whistleblowing: Decoding the Edward Snowden Model Barak Bullock
Searching for High Redshift (z=8) Galaxies using the Brightest of Reionizing Galaxies Survey (BoRG) James Diekmann
Self-described stressors linked to higher risk for depressive symptoms in rural adolescents Liana Lo Chau
Sensitivity to Spanish and English vowels: A comparison of monolingual and bilingual listeners Andrea Manrique, Michelle Dubois
Sex differences in the effect of transcranial direct current stimulation on math performance Michael Campos
Site of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Action to Induce Oocyte Maturation in Zebrafish Meagan Aguirre
Spirituality and the Self Laura Sitter
Structured Solutions to Behavioral Biases in Finance Derek Elko
Student Leaders and Civic Engagement David Polson
Success of Specially Appointed Senators Preston Covington
Tertiary Education for the Underprivileged in the Developed World Caitlyn Valadez
Testing Global Colorectal Cancer Incidence in Developing Countries Using Risk Factor Data Austin Porter
The Absence of Substantial Latino Voter Turnout Isaac Blanco
The Common Core: Creating Education Standards to Improve Job and College Readiness Stephen Vincent
The Development of Auditory Category Learning: A Computational Modeling Approach Nicole Tsao
The development of phonological representations in monolingual and bilingual children Haley Elsenbrock, Rui Akaike, Amanda Lucio
The Disconnects in mitigating the Issue of College Sexual Assaults Bryan Davis
The Domination of French Culture Seen Through Frederick the Great of Prussia Erin McGannon
The Driving Motives Behind the Persistance of NATO Aaron Banduch
The Effect of Candidate Race on Federal Campaign Contributions David Singer
The Effects of Budget Support on Recipient Governments' National Budgets and Development Goals Louchin Chi
The Effects of Spatiality on Creativity Brigitte Chapman
The Herschel Space Telescope Confirms the Decay of Supersonic Turbulence Rebecca Larson
The Higher Education Act of 1965: Analysis of the Politics of Reauthorization Nosayaba Aimuyo
The Language of Polarization in the 112th and 113th Senate Grant Wiles
The Media and Crime: What is Real and What is Perceived Michelle Jackson
The Missing Piece: Music in Geriatric Health Alice Jean
The No Child Left Behind Act: Negative Implications on Low-Socioeconomic Schools Allison Woods
The Politics of Religious Rhetoric Jacob Weaver
The Price of Pork: Political Ideology and Earmark Acquisition Ryan Whittington
The War on Coal: A Case Study in Agenda Setting Hannah Johnson
The Women of Algiers: Past and Present Responses to Orientalism Elizabeth Upenieks
Too Hot to Handle? Investigating Austin's Urban Heat Island. Gitanjali Bhattacharjee, Tarek El-Afifi, Lilian Gonzale
Transcriptional Control of the Manganese Efflux Transporter, SLC30A10 Jonathan Mercado
Understanding Speech Patterns in Young Children with Hearing Impairments Samantha Moses, John Torres
Unfeminist Coalition in Game of Thrones Choyette Mahtab
Yerba Buena, Regla Mala: Understanding the Ancient Herbs and Curative Traditions Used by Indigenous Peoples of Mexico and Guatemala During the 16th Century Colonial Period Stephanie Eisner