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Undergraduate Presenters

Poster Title Presenter Name
A preliminary study on Mandarin Chinese vowel perception in quiet and noisy backgrounds Anna Lissa Garcia
Addiction Education for Medical Professionals: Implementation of SBIRT training and web-based classes Alisha Janiga
African American and Afro-Latino American Connections Jelisa Robinson
American Rhetoric of Relations with China and North Korea Monica Castellanos
Anthropolatry Across Cultures: The Deification of Man Andrew Zigler
Artistic Forms and Practices in Italy Philip Karjeker
Assessing and Treating Speech Sound Disorders in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Sana Naiyer
Association of motivation to eat fruit and vegetables, garden and cook on adiposity and metabolic outcomes in low-income Latino youth Lisa Watkins
Bernini Deconstructed Kayla Jones
Building a Greener Future Ellen Bellino
Capital and Its Effect On Students' Perception of Their Futures Christina Puentes
Challenging the Establishment: The Impact of Super PACs on U.S. Senate Elections in the 2012 Election Cycle Philip Wiseman
Cinematic Remedies: Film, Medicine, and the Ambiguities of Interpretation Matthew Marget
Class Voting and Political Polarization in Venezuela Daniela Hernandez
Climate Change and Human Health Chandana Chitturi
Cognitive Development with Music in Children with Down’s syndrome Alexandra Wiechmann
Comparing semantic development in young monolinguals and bilinguals: Evidence from repeated word associations Maryann Flores Zurrica
Conflict Minerals - To Avoid or Develop? Danielle Taimuty
Congressional Dysfunction through Examining Conference Committees in Higher Education Daniel Warner
Dating the Menghai Batholith, southern China Enrique Reyes
Defensive Women Taylor Guerrero
Digital Activism in Egypt's Revolution Eamon Khorrami
Disfluency characteristics in bilingual children who do and do not stutter Blanca Esperanza, Cristina Rincon
Education and Intelligence of the U.S. Congress Andrew Gray
Effects of an Email-Delivered Behavioral Sleep Intervention on College Student Sleep Quality Margot Betcher
Effects of audiovisual cues on speech-in-noise perception in Spanish-English bilinguals Kathryn Curry
Electoral Security and Support for Gun Control Nathan Vanarkelpriest
Embodiment in Early Speech Perception? Patterns in English and Dutch Lauren Lytle, Ashley Dowell, Dionne Dias
English consonant identification in noise for English-native and Chinese-native listeners Brittany Ackerman
Environmental Injustice in the Environmental City: Inequities in Environmental Quality in Austin, Texas Emilie Davis
Ethics in Visual Arts Education: Censorship Abigail Strickland, Sarah Henkel, Ryan Robbins
Evaluation of a Community-Based Intervention for Korean Americans With Type 2 Diabetes Katelyn Woolheater
Event-Centered Semantics Travis Nguyen, Jeane Wenzel
Every Day I Lived in Italy Stephanie Vanicek
Evolving Jurisdiction of Committees on Technology Issues Travis Adams
Examining Differences in Energy Expenditure for Two Types of Activity in a Special Population Megan Oard
Exploring Culturally and Community-Linked Beliefs Related to Tobacco Product Use among Young Adults Maria Herrera
Exploring How Pain Measures Are Reported For Chronic Pain: A Qualitative Literature Review Shireen Haq
Exploring undergraduate students’ awareness of cardiac health Stephanie Ahn, Viet Nguyen, Anna Calara, Rishi Chitturi, Farnaz Hamid, Nicole Rees
Exposure to Foreign Accented Speech Aids Listeners’ Speech Perception Emily Tagtow, Maddie Oakley, Gabriela Cook
Extending a Textual Entailment Framework with VerbNet Winston Wu
Finding My Cathedral Meredith Gunn
First Year Student Awareness of Campus Nutritional Initiatives Sehar Hooda, Elizabeth Dong, Eric Wei, Vanessa Silva
Fostering Conditions for Collective Participation Brandon Wallace
Global Media Bias in Depictions of Poverty and Underdevelopment Caroline Thomas, Raymond Weyandt
Habitat Preservation Jessica Norriss
Health Care Reform and Economics: An Inspection of Government Relationship Sean Chang
Home Is Where The Health Is: A persuasive look at the way our children's health is built Shea Snider
How do we talk about the Middle East? Daniel Grube
How does Mixed Martial Arts affect participation in traditional martial arts? Carolina Gonzales
How Much is that Doggy in the Window: Ethical Concerns of Sourcing Pet Store Animals Maria Lewis
How much science is in Forensic Science? Renee Gutberlet
Identification of the inhibitory alcohol binding site in GABA-A Rho1 Receptor Carlos Ruiz
Impact of Neuroimmune Signaling in the Central Amygdala on Voluntary Alcohol Drinking Morgan Merriman
Incumbousters: An Exploration of Candidates that Beat Senatorial Incumbents Catherine Benavidez
Influence of Living Arrangement and Marital Status on Daily Functioning Levels for Participants in the SeniorWISE (Wisdom is Simply Exploration) Study Joann Lee
Influences of language knowledge and memory on sentence repetition Lindsey Foo, Jennifer Briseno
Inhibiting Amyloid Precursor Protein to Prevent Neurodegeneration in Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease Charisma Desai
Inkblot Variables May Predict Improvement in Psychotherapy: Reliability Analyses Naziya Rehman, Theresa Adams, Alyssa Hutcheson, Valeria Cruz, Trenton Wood, Jeanette Pacheco, Cynthia Onyeka, Daseul Kim, Leilani Strassner, Stephanie Garza
Inspirations from Italian Sculpture Dylan Sutton
Integrating Mind-Body Medicine with Asthmatic Minority Populations Samantha Vanderslice
It’s all about the Money: An Analysis of Spending Amounts in US Senate Races Braydon Jones
Jazz Combo Michael Gonzales, Max Stolarksi, Andre Galuban, Christopher Kennedy, Clay Downham, Zeke Levine, Louk Cox
Legislative Lag Julie Weltman
Lexical versus Phonological Factors in Babbling and Children's Early Word Forms Sarah Seymour, Lauren Leone, Olivia Ruiz
Lyndon Johnson and Charles De Gaulle: How President Johnson's Image and Concurrent Geopolitical Realities Shaped His Strategy on Managing Gaullist Policies Phillip Pullig
Monitoring vegetation recovery and land cover dynamics in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest: A multi-temporal remote sensing based approach Rachel Snavely
Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Fate Choice Venkatsaiakh Tirumala
Nonword repetition and phoneme elision in adults who do and do not stutter: A systematic replication Morgan Anders, Laura Miller
Occupying "La Lomita": Claiming Chicano Space and Identity in Robstown, Texas Jonathan Cortez
Optoelectronic Properties of CVD grown MoS2 Nanowalls Ankit Sharma
Partisanship and Passenger Rail in America John Kitchura
Perception of Memory and Depressive Symptoms in Adults Diagnosed with Chronic Heart Failure Caitlin O'brien
Pharmaceutical Companies Relationship with Doctors Kevin Mortensen
Policy and Prevalence of Diet-Related Diseases Joshua Wallace
Primary Paths and Partisan Politics Dominic Merino
Psychologizing About Conversion: A Comparison of Three Intellectuals and their Legacies David Cregg
Salt stress tolerance in Switchgrass endophytic fungi isolated across the precipitation gradient Alyssa Hansen
Semi-Autonomous Intersection Management Shun Zhang
Short and Long Titles: What's In A Name? Elizabeth Vasquez
Sights and Sounds from Learning Tuscany Courtney Carter
Sleep and Depression in Undergraduate College Students Over Time Courtney Hanna
Speaking Style Adaptations across the Lifespan Elisa Ferracane, Karen Johnson, Cristabella Trimble-Quiz
Statistical Pragmatics Cathleen Schrim
Supply Chain Flexibility: Sustaining the Transportation Network Jose Garcia
Texas Initiatives for Children's Activity and Nutrition Jennifer Swan
The Gingrich Senator Effect on the 2013 Government Shutdown Garrett Oliveira
The Hands Behind the Luxurious Dollar Bag: Latin America's Largest Black Market Cecilia Leon
The importance of self-identity through regressive listening in music. Megan Gingoyon
The Influence of Game-Day Drinking Culture on First Year Students Fatima Rahman, Hannah Spencer, Nathan Hozer, Michelle Cinguina
The Influence of Gender, Peers, and Social Connectedness on Rural Adolescent Drinking Behaviors Katy Ferrero
The influence of linguistic typology on application of word formation rules in young Mandarin-English and Spanish-English bilingual children Aislynn Fulton
The Influence of the Environments, Culture, and History in Learning Tuscany Natalie Trivino
The Latino Vote: Do Hispanic Members of Congress Voting Ideology differ by country of origin? Justin Gonzales
The Modern Marijuana Supply Chain in the US Jennifer Nwuli
The Overlooked Details of the Olympic Games Holli Wertheimer
The Politics of Australian Judicial Review Charles Stephens
The Psychological Benefits of Christian Repentance: An Analysis of Hope, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Self-Compassion Alexander Forbis
The Role of Identity Status in Language Learning Olivia Wiley
The Wonders of a Domed Celling Catarina Williams
Theistic vs Atheistic Existentialism Stefan Casso
Timecourse of word recognition for listener-oriented speaking style adaptations Hayden Lambert, Carolyn Millar, Kristin Holcomb
Training English-native speakers adapted to foreign-accented speech: a pilot study Kelsey Kramer
Underlying Motivations Behind Lawmakers’ Introduction of Civil/Human Rights Legislation Kyler Geoffroy
Understanding the Influence of Involvement in Organizational Meetings and the Development of Social Capital Ignacio Cruz
Understanding the role of strike-slip faulting as oceans close, north central Turkey Bridget Pettit
Veni, Vidi, Vici Holly Hansel
Views on Justice Across Europe: an Analysis of Trust in European Legal Systems Christiaan Cleary
Visible Effects of Affirmative Action: An Analysis of Print Media in Brazil Julia Wang
What Role Does Ethics Play in Visual Art Education Classroom? Shaun Lane, Destiny Barr, Mattison Lyttle
Where Do Controversial Artworks Fit in the Art Education Classroom? Emily Dekock, Elena Pepe, Ashley Miller, Anna Bennett, Caleigh Taylor
Who Has the Power? Assessing the Limits of Prime Ministerial Authority in Australian Coalition Governments Kimberly Smith