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Material Information: Design Thru Fabrication

Work from Assistant Professor Danelle Briscoe’s fall 2013 visual communications course, titled Material Information: Design Thru Fabrication, is exhibited in the front lobby of Goldsmith Hall. The four-week project involved biomimetic exploration, research, and development through conceptual form-making in the information model database. Driven from a component/system relationship, the goal was a precise description of a complex, three-dimensional surface facade, ceiling, or other with material consequences. The projects were meant to interrogate the innate characteristics, behavior, and/or capacities of a selected material as a more active agent in the design process. Students were asked to consider a design morphology that cross-referenced the strengths or behavior of one material or element to design or create another.

School of Architecture
Contact Name: 
Katrina Kosted
Time and Date
Event Date(s): 
Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Event Start Time: 
8:00 am
Event End Time: 
5:00 pm
Building Name: 
Goldsmith Hall
Building Code: 
Room Number: 
North Lobby