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Undergraduate Researcher for a Day (UR for a Day)

Undergraduate Researcher (UR) for a Day provides a detailed overview of what a typical, discipline-specific day as a researcher entails. This overview is given in the form of a small-group discussion with a UT faculty researcher or his/her assistant researchers.

— What is (insert interest) research and what are the benefits of pursuing it?
— What are the commitments of research and where can I find research opportunities?

If these are questions that you’d like the answers to, or if you have more detailed questions, look forward to the UT researchers and/or their representatives answering them!

You will meet with two faculty researchers; please rank your preferences in the survey form link provided:

*Dr. Noel Busch-Armendariz, represented by Deidi Olaya (graduate student), Social Work, Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

*Dr. Hina Azam, Liberal Arts, Department of Middle Eastern Studies

*Dr. Catharine Echols, Liberal Arts, Department of Psychology

*Dr. Jason Shumake, represented by Liz Chen (undergraduate researcher), Liberal Arts, Department of Psychology

*Dr. Kim Fromme, represented by Emily Wilhite and Elise Marino (graduate students), Liberal Arts, Department of Psychology

*Dr. Mounira Charrad, represented by Dan Jaster (graduate student), Liberal Arts, Department of Sociology

*Dr. Daniel Bonevac, Liberal Arts, Department of Philosophy
Please reach out to Kaveeta Kaw if you have any questions!

Undergraduate Research Committee
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Student, Undergraduate Research Committee At-Large
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Saturday, April 12, 2014