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Undergraduate Student Exhibitions

The exhibition will feature the works of students enrolled in classes from all the divisions in Studio, and from freshman to advanced courses, including:

1. Trans-Media –monitors will display digital work in the 2nd floor hallway

2. Digital Foundations – work from this Foundations course for freshman will also be displayed on the monitors on the 2nd floor

3. Photography – student work with be displayed in the two glass cases on the 2nd floor hallway

4. Printmaking – student work will be displayed in the glass cases on the 2nd floor hallway

5. Painting, Drawing & Foundations Drawing – student work from beginner through advanced classes will be displayed in the 4th floor hallway, the 4th fl. Flood Gallery & the remaining wall space on the 2nd floor hallway

6. 2-D Foundations – will use the 3rd floor hallway walls to display student work

7. 3-D Foundations & Book Art- will share the large 3-D glass case on the 2nd floor hallway to display work

8. Sculpture and Extended Media – student work will be displayed in the sculpture class room, along the 2nd floor hallway

Dept. of Art & Art History - Studio Art
Contact Name: 
Michael Mogavero
Contact Phone: 
Time and Date
Event Date(s): 
Monday, April 14, 2014
Event Start Time: 
9:00 am
Event End Time: 
10:00 pm
Building Name: 
Studio Art/Art Bldg.
Building Code: 
Room Number: 
Art Bldg. Public Spaces