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Scheduling Writing Assignments Through the Semester

Treat formal writing assignments as a process, and build their writing and re-writing into your course schedule. Here are two possible schedule for integrating writing projects: one for a small-section Signature Course (UGS 302), and one for a larger, lecture-format course (UGS 303).

UGS 302 Sample Schedule

Weeks 1-2

Assignments & Activities

Informal, in-class writing, and/or short (1-2 page) reflective or responsive assignments (reading responses, summaries, reactions to lectures, etc.).

Optional Activities

Students may be given an overview of all the writing projects for the semester.

Week 3

Assignments & Activities

First writing project: 3-5 pages, representing students’ first serious efforts at engaging with the main course concepts.
Provide an assignment sheet with all necessary details, and introduce the criteria you will use to grade the project.

Optional Activities

Discuss the grading criteria in class, and examine model responses to the assignment.

Week 4

Assignments & Activities

Students turn in a proposal, outline, thesis statement or other “focusing” assignment for first writing project.
Instructor provides brief directional feedback (cautions, suggestions, encouragement) and returns to students by the next class period.

Optional Activities

Spend five or ten minutes of class time pointing out common problems—either content-related, logical, or mechanical.

Week 5<