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Dr. Ross Jennings

Ross Jennings
Course Title: 
Corporations in Society - From the Industrial Revolution to Globalization

Department of Accounting

Dr. Ross Jennings has conducted research on a wide range of topics in financial accounting including financial reporting, financial statement analysis and international business. His research has been published in leading scholarly journals in accounting, including The Accounting Review, the Journal of Accounting Research, the Journal of Accounting and Economics and the Review of Accounting Studies.

Professor Jennings has taught classes to students at all levels, including undergraduate students in business, master’s students in both accounting and business, doctoral students in accounting, and both financial and non-financial executives. He has recently taught classes in financial reporting and financial statement analysis to full-time students in Texas and to executives in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. He has developed and taught custom executive education programs for organizations as diverse as Dell, Motorola, Vought and the U.S. Navy.

Professor Jennings has received numerous teaching awards including the Texas Excellence in Teaching Award, the CBA Foundation Advisory Council Award for Teaching Innovation, and the Fawn & Vijay Mahajan Teaching Excellence Award for Executive Education. He has also been named to the University of Texas Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

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