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Dr. Stanley Roux

Dr. Stanley Roux
Course Title: 
Hidden Treasures of Plants: Fuel, Food, Meds, and Money

Biological Sciences
Participating faculty in the Signature Course Cohort Program

Dr. Roux’s Signature Course focuses on the surprising, undervalued treasures of plants in today’s world, including their use as biofuels, their little-known value as wild sources of food and medicines, and their potential as money-makers for entrepreneurs.

Dr. Roux teaches diverse courses to diverse students, including Plant Physiology to Biology majors, Sensory Physiology of Plants to non-majors, Discovery Laboratory to students in the Freshman Research Initiative Program, and Treasures of Native Plants to Freshmen, in his Signature Course. He also carries out NSF- and NASA-funded research on how the environmental stimuli of light and gravity alter patterns of growth and development in plants.

Dr. Roux received his Bachelor of Science degree from Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL in 1966, his Masters of Science in Biology from Loyola University in New Orleans in 1968, and his Ph. D. in Biology from Yale University in 1971. After an NIH postdoctoral fellowship in Biochemistry and Biophysics at Yale, he was an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh until 1978, when he joined the University of Texas at Austin, where he is currently Professor of Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology and a Universit