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Frequently Asked Questions

I have an issue with the room my discussion sections are in; is there anything I can do?
Yes. If the issue with the room is changeable (e.g., temperature too hot or too cold, a piece of equipment is needed, there is no chalk, etc.), you can contact the Signature Course office at 512-471-4421 for assistance.

If the issue with the room is not changeable (e.g. seating is not moveable, room is too small, chalkboard space is limited, room does not have needed technology, etc.), please contact Kin Hau, the scheduling coordinator for UGS at 512-471-4421 about the option of changing rooms.

If the door is locked for some reason, you can contact Custodial Services at 512-471-5072, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or call the Utilities Trouble Call line at 512-471-2020 on evenings or weekends.

Where can I make copies of handouts for my students?
The first place you should investigate is the department of the faculty member that you work for. Their department should have a copy machine available for TAs that teach t