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Information for Instructors

Sanger Learning Center supports instructors and their TAs through a number of programs that help develop the teaching skills of TAs and provide extra assistance to students in historically-difficult courses.

Peer-Led Undergraduate Studying (PLUS)

The PLUS program benefits both faculty members and their students. Students in PLUS-supported courses have a more positive experience in the class and typically perform better, and faculty members have the opportunity to get to know a select group of highly motivated students. These benefits come with only a minimal time commitment and at no cost.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Sanger Learning Center works with departments and professors to identify courses and TAs that would be a good match for the SI program. Typically, SI supports large-enrollment (100 or more students), historically-difficult (high D, F, Q, and W rates), lower-division courses. If you would like SI to support your course, please contact Krystal Peralez.

SI enhances student learning and improves student performance in large-format courses. Data collected both nationally and locally for more than 30 years confirms that regular SI attendance has a significant effect on final course grades. The progam trains graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate SI leaders to run discussion sections that reinforce and clarify course content while integrating study and reasoning skills. SI leaders are partners in achieving an instructor’s instructional objectives. The SI program gives both instructors and TAs valuable insight into the needs of students, helping instructors effec