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Amy Prince

Amy Prince
Public Relations
Business Foundations Certificate
Spring 2014

As an outreach assistant and peer academic coach, Amy helps UT students develop strong study habits and time management skills to help them reach their academic goals.

“I applied to work for the Sanger Center because I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge with others. … I didn’t expect to learn so much about myself.”

What has been the most rewarding part about working at the Sanger Center?
I love it when students tell me that they implemented one of the suggestions offered in a workshop or coaching session and that it worked! As a peer academic coach, I meet with students on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to see them improve academically over the course of a semester. During one coaching session, I introduced a student to the concept of self-quizzing as a way to better prepare for exams. A couple of weeks later, the student told me that self-quizzing was so helpful that she incorporated it into her studying routine. As a result, she made a substantially higher grade on a recent exam because of this one practice. It was a very rewarding experience!

What has been the most surprising or unexpected aspect of your job?
I applied to work for the Sanger Center because I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge with others. After a year with the center, I didn’t expect to learn so much about myself. I’ve learned that I have my own learning style and that I need to adjust how I interact with students who learn in different ways than I do. As a communications student, I have always been intrigued by the challenge of communicating with others. My positions at the Sanger Center has helped me learn the most effective ways to communicate a message to a variety of people with different interests and backgrounds.

What advice would you give to incoming students about being academically successful at UT?
It’s never too early to take advantage of the resources a large university like UT has to offer. Make it a point to visit your professor’s or TA’s office hours at least once your first semester. Whether you’re interested in their career choice or just have a question about a concept from class go talk to them about it.

College is your opportunity to explore your options, so don’t pigeonhole yourself into thinking that only one degree/career works for you. There are a lot of reasons why you may struggle in your first classes, but sometimes the reason is that you just haven’t found your niche. If you work hard toward the things you truly enjoy, then the right people will notice and help guide you on your path.