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Zavier Wingham

Zavier Wingham
International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies
Persian/Middle Eastern Studies
Spring 2014

As an outreach assistant, Zavier gives students the tools they need to be academically successful by leading workshops on study strategies and time management.

“When you really view your time as precious and something that should not be wasted, college becomes easier.”

What has been the most rewarding part about working at the Sanger Learning Center?
Our outreach programs have hands-on activities and as a presenter, it requires high energy in order to motivate student participation. The most rewarding aspect of the job is seeing students begin to connect with the concepts in these activities because it demonstrates that they are internalizing the information. It indicates that these are study skills that they’ve experienced previously, but never solidified.

What has been the most surprising or unexpected aspect of your job?
After I finish a program, students, professors, and organization leaders often express their gratitude for simply doing my job. My job is not extremely difficult, but it is important because I am sharing study skills that take time to develop. Seeing how thankful people are demonstrates to me that more students need our programs and services.

What advice would you give incoming students about being academically successful at UT?
I am a big proponent of time management. Everyone knows the old adages “organization is key” or “time is money.” However, when you really view your time as precious and something that should not be wasted, college becomes easier. Many students believe that college success is counted by the number of hours you do NOT sleep, but the truly successful people are able achieve high levels of success because they are aware of the time needed for assignments, tests, projects, and a social life. Of course, there is definitely more to academic success than focusing on time – come check out t