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School-Wide Event Committee


  • Chelsea Bunn
  • Kin Abelon
  • Melissa Suy
  • Kathy Uitvlugt (chair)
  • Emily Watson
  • Laura Weingarten
  • Phaedra Abbott

Committee Charge

1. Committee Name: School-Wide Event Committee

2. Committee Sponsor: Kathy Uitvlugt

3. Process for Selecting Committee Chair:
Kathy Uitvlugt will serve as chair

4. Purpose of the Committee:
The purpose of the School-Wide Event Committee is to create and plan unique UGS events in cooperation and support of university-wide occasions, such as Gone To Texas, Family Weekend and Explore UT. In addition, the committee will make recommendations regarding development of other school-wide events to support the mission of UGS.

5. Scope of the Committee:
The scope of this committee is to develop unique school-based events for UGS students and family members. The committee will provide ideas and recommendations for events and activities, and will strategize on how to best arrange for resources and volunteer participation. The committee will not be responsible for actual events’ logistics support.

6. Committee Membership:
The committee shall consist of no more than seven members, selected from interested staff members representing various units within UGS. Committee membership will be selected on an annual basis.

7. Meeting Frequency and Duration:
This committee’s work is expected to be cyclical and short-term. The committee will meet twice prior to each of the following events: Gone to Texas, Family Weekend and Explore UT. After event debriefings will be held and open to committee membership and all interested parties. A minimum of one meeting will be scheduled approximately six months prior to each event to facilitate departmental discussions on volunteer expectations and logistics support.

8. Process for Joining the Committee:
Interested staff members should discuss participation with their supervisor and then email Kathy Uitvlugt. Should more than seven individuals express interest, preference will be given to those with special event experience, while also considering the need for school-wide representation.