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Student Success

Students across Undergraduate Studies programs are exploring new interests, gaining experience through research and internships, and taking leadership roles across the Forty Acres. Click on any student to learn more about his or her School of Undergraduate Studies experience.

Elijah Roden
Government, Rhetoric & Writing

Eli Roden conducted independent research exploring the relationship between emotion and reason in juror decision-making. Eli is pursuing an Ethics & Leadership BDP certificate with a concentration in social justice, politics, and...

“For me, the most rewarding aspect of this experience was discovering the nature in which disciplines work together, that allows for a truly interdisciplinary approach to tackling issues.”

Lora Chowdhury
Economics with Business Foundations

Lora spent two semesters in UGS exploring her interests. With the help of her academic advisor, she declared a major in economics with a Business Foundations certificate and is...

“[UGS] has given me direction and the utmost satisfaction with my major choice. I love every bit of what I do and I am not sure I would have found it as fast (or at all) without UGS.”

Valerie Finstad

Valerie’s outstanding academic record has earned her the title of College Scholar. Shakeel entered UT as an undeclared student in UGS to explore different fields. She now plans to major in biology,...

“Think a lot about multiple majors. Find a career where lifestyle, schooling, passion, and purpose all intersect and go after it ferociously.”

Samantha Speakmon
Business Honors and Finance

Samantha’s undergraduate research topic is Financial Impacts of the BP Oil Spill.

“Researching the financial implications of the oil spill gave me an opportunity to see a real-life example of concepts I learned in my finance classes.”

Reva Davis
African & African Diaspora Studies

Reva entered UT wanting to be a lawyer, but she wasn’t sure what to study to reach her goal. After two semesters in UGS, she discovered her initial plan to study government changed to finding her passion and declared a major in African & African Diaspora...

“My advisor encouraged me to pursue an area of study that I would love and not just tolerate. The decision to actually do so has enriched my life in so many different ways, and for that, I appreciate UGS. It’s a gateway to numerous possibilities.”

Natalie Arevalo

Natalie spent four semester in UGS exploring majors and participating in UGS Council, ...

“Immediately after graduating from high school I was overwhelmed with the prospect of having to decide what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Being accepted to UGS and being given the time to explore and discover what it is I really wanted to study shattered that narrow idea for me.”

Joanne Koola

Joanne Koola is a third-year architecture major pursuing a BDP in Environment & Sustainability. This summer she interned with Austin-based HOLOS Collaborative, a think tank and...

“I now have a better understanding of what sustainability in architecture is and the different ways to achieve it in my future career.”