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Adria Fernandez

Adria Fernandez

Adria’s hard work and academic achievements earned her the title of College Scholar. Adria initially wanted to study engineering, but through UGS she explored her options and discovered a passion for finance and business.

“Be open to take different courses and get involved in different organizations. There is something out there for you, and sometimes it is what you least expect.”

Finding a Major
For the first year of college, I was undecided as to what to study. There are so many career options out there, and sometimes I felt I wanted to do it all. Other times I felt as if I couldn’t do anything because I wasn’t sure what I liked. It was hard to see how almost everyone had everything figured out and I couldn’t decide on any specific major.

Now, I am planning to declare finance as my major. I have always had an interest in finance and business and I would like to learn how to manage them in the corporate world. I’m also interested in the influence the stock market has on the country.

Career Plans
I would like to work for the United Nations. I have a big passion for speaking different languages, helping others, and being involved with projects in underdeveloped countries.

Most Rewarding Class
Integral and Differential Calculus have been the most challenging courses I have taken in my life. I was definitely not prepared at first, and a lot of times I felt like giving up and dropping them, but I knew I had to keep going. I put all of my energy and time into studying for them—I went to my professor and TA’s office hours, got tutoring, and went to different study groups. At the end, I finished the courses with a good grade. It was very rewarding to see what I am capable of when I really want to do something. I learned a lot about myself during this process.

Helpful Campus Resources
The Sanger Learning Center one-on-one tutoring sessions, office hours, and study groups in Jester

Favorite Study Spot: Life Science Library in the UT Tower

How to be a Successful Student at UT
The most important advice is to learn to say “No.” During the first semester in college it is very easy to get involved in many groups and organizations, and your friends will want to get together constantly. All of that can really affect your academic success. There has to be a balance, and sometimes you just have to know when to say “no.” Don’t get carried away and spend all your time studying, but also don’t spend all your time away from studying, because not putting enough attention to your classes during your first semester in college will affect your grades.

Student Organizations
Hispanic Business Student Association and Gateway Scholars

Advice for Undecided Students
Be open to taking different courses and to get involved in different organizations. There is something out there for you, and sometimes it is what you least expect.