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Jordan Pickett

Jordan Pickett

Jordan’s outstanding academic record has earned him the title of College Scholar. Jordan entered UT as an undeclared student in UGS, and, after exploring his interests, now hopes to major in public health and pursue dental school.

“My advice for UGS students is to be proud that you want to find your way first. Not everyone has to know where they want to be 10 years from now, yet. With that said, don’t wait to explore. Start finding your way as soon as you get to college so you can get all the benefits of UGS.”

Finding a Major
I plan to declare public health. I decided I want to be an oral surgeon, and public health offers the most classes that will be prerequisites for dental school. My academic advisor, Julia Chinnock, helped me out a lot.

As I was figuring things out, I would jump from one major to the other—thinking I wanted to do a certain major just to change my mind soon after. I considered an engineering route, then doing architecture, and finally landed on pre-dental with a major in public health.

Most Rewarding Class
I reached out into a bunch of different realms of UT and always found classes I enjoyed. Architecture and Society was one of the most rewarding classes I’ve taken here at UT. You don’t have to be an architecture major to enjoy the class, and it really opens your eyes to the beauty of architecture, both here at UT and around the world. Dr. Speck is an amazing lecturer and my TA was also good at clarifying the information. The class got me engaged in the world around me and improved my communication skills by requiring a presentation towards the end of the semester.

Favorite Study Spot: FAC second floor computer lab. The SMF I believe. My favorite library would be the Architecture Library in Battle Hall.

How to be a Successful Student at UT
Read the book and progress along with the class. Avoid cramming—it really slowed me down my first semester and sometimes still does, I admit. I never really branched out and used the campus resources until later, but it helped so much! Avoid studyi