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Student Success

Students across Undergraduate Studies programs are exploring new interests, gaining experience through research and internships, and taking leadership roles across the Forty Acres. Click on any student to learn more about his or her School of Undergraduate Studies experience.

Shakeel Makhani

Shakeel’s outstanding academic record has earned him the title of College Scholar. Shakeel entered UT as an undeclared student in UGS, and, after exploring his interests, now plans to major in...

“Hard work and determination are all that it takes to be successful in whatever you do. Don’t let a minor setback in your academic career hold you from doing what you want. If you set your mind to something, the possibilities are endless.”

Plan II (Honors); International Relations and Global Studies

Annie’s undergraduate research topic is The Dehumanization and Objectification of Soldiers in Postmortem War Photography.

“The skills I picked up through participating in research have carried over to many other endeavors as well. I feel like I have a leg up in many of my classes.”

Mansi Mehta
International Relations and English

For the past two year, Mansi has been a Sanger Learning Center peer academic coach helping students master important study techniques.

“Take advantage of the resources available to you, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.”

Ryan Simmons

Ryan’s stellar academic performance has earned him the title of College Scholar. Ryan initially planed to major in electrical engineering. While enrolled in Undergraduate Studies, he discovered passions for finance and...

“Be confident in your abilities, but never be afraid to realize you may be wrong or need help. You have to be realistic about the situations you find yourself in.”

Jared Eaves

As an experienced senior preceptor for PLUS, Jared guides preceptors and facilitates learning experiences in study groups.

“I found so much benefit and use out of being a preceptor that I wanted to give back what I received by becoming a senior preceptor.”

George Kimson III
Arabic Language and Literature; International Relations and Global Studies

George’s undergraduate research topic is Ideologies of the Arabic Language.

“Getting involved in research teaches you to be a self-motivated learner/worker, which is something that I am sure will benefit me in the future.”

Ana Hernández
Latin American Studies, History

Ana Hernández, a student in the Human Rights & Social Justice BDP, spent her summer in Nicaragua interviewing locals and conducting archival research to develop a better understanding of land rights for the...

“I hope to become a professor of Latin American history, and this Connecting Experience has helped me find a focus for my academic studies.”