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Student Success

Students across Undergraduate Studies programs are exploring new interests, gaining experience through research and internships, and taking leadership roles across the Forty Acres. Click on any student to learn more about his or her School of Undergraduate Studies experience.

Theatre and Dance

Kara’s undergraduate research topic is Exploring the Role of Scenic Artists within the Realm of Theatrical Design and Performance.

“Instead of learning solely in a classroom setting, I get to learn while experiencing what it is like to work in a professional setting.”

Kristin Cummins

Kristin’s undergraduate research topic is Tipping Points in Public Policy

“This program has prepared me for law school, but it also opened my eyes to various other fields that I am now interested in.”

Jordan Pickett

Jordan’s outstanding academic record has earned him the title of College Scholar. Jordan entered UT as an undeclared student in UGS, and, after exploring his interests, now hopes to major in...

“My advice for UGS students is to be proud that you want to find your way first. Not everyone has to know where they want to be 10 years from now, yet. With that said, don’t wait to explore. Start finding your way as soon as you get to college so you can get all the benefits of UGS.”

Briana Criaco

As a peer academic coach, Briana helps student develop and implement important study skills.

“Who knew I’d discover my own set of study tools by helping another to develop their own?”

Caleb Ingels
Broadcast Journalism

Caleb spent two semesters in UGS before being admitted in the College of Communications where he will be graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism this spring. As a UGS student, Caleb received crucial help from his...

“My advice for undecided students is to … pay attention to what makes you lean forward when you talk, and find a way to study that.”

Natasha Sharma
International Relations and Social Work

Natasha’s undergraduate research topic is A Multiethnic Intergroup Forum to Address the Impact of the Media’s Stereotypes of Racial Minorities on Youth

“It has been interesting to see first-hand how intergroup dialogue can go a long way in fostering an understanding of diversity.”

Mani Singh
Business Foundations Certificate

Mani began working with the Sanger Learning Center as a preceptor in Fall 2012 in his PLUS-supported genetics course. Now as a senior preceptor, he guides new preceptors in their work with students.

“I came here thinking that I would be the one helping and guiding other students, but I’m thankful at how much and how frequently I’ve actually been the beneficiary of such an experience.”