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Meet UGS Students

Students across Undergraduate Studies programs are exploring new interests, gaining experience through research and internships, and taking leadership roles across the Forty Acres. Click on any student to learn more about his or her School of Undergraduate Studies experience.

Plan II (Honors); International Relations and Global Studies

Annie’s undergraduate research topic is The Dehumanization and Objectification of Soldiers in Postmortem War Photography.

Armando Vera
International Relations and Global Studies and Corporate Communication
Spring 2014

Armando was originally interested in business and medicine. After exploring his interests in Undergraduate Studies, he is now double majoring in international relations & global studies and corporate communication and hopes to become an entrepreneur.

Ashley Rivera
Fall 2015

Ashley Rivera, who completed her BDP certificate in Media, Culture & Identities in fall 2015, spent the summer of 2015 on the coast of Nicaragua where she conducted ethnographic research on the Garifuna people. Her research explored the unique culture and identity of a black indigenous population within the broader Mestizo population of Nicaragua.

Ava Ibanez
Marine and Freshwater Biology

For her undergraduate research project, Ava went to UT’s Marine Science Institute to study the hypoxic dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ayoung Lee

Ayoung began her academic journey at UT with the goal of becoming an engineer. After exploring other options, she looked into majoring in biology, microbiology, and infectious diseases. She hopes to get into the new Dell Medical School in 2016 with the goal of becoming a doctor. Ayoung was named a College Scholar in 2015.

Birjis Mukardamwala
Fall 2015

As a chemistry tutor, Birjis helps students master difficult concepts and course material.

Blair Robbins
Plan II
Spring 2015

Human Rights & Social Justice BDP student Blair Robbins researched volunteer tourism programs as part of her undergraduate thesis. Applying a postcolonial lens while maintaining historical insights, she analyzed the participation of mostly American, British, and Australian college-aged students in “ethical” short-term trips to developing countries. This experience prepared Blair for her summer internship at a local nonprofit, where she examines Texas police forces’ use of military surplus equipment.