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Student Success

Students across Undergraduate Studies programs are exploring new interests, gaining experience through research and internships, and taking leadership roles across the Forty Acres. Click on any student to learn more about his or her School of Undergraduate Studies experience.

Adria Fernandez

Adria’s hard work and academic achievements earned her the title of College Scholar. Adria initially wanted to study engineering, but through UGS she explored her options and discovered a...

“Be open to take different courses and get involved in different organizations. There is something out there for you, and sometimes it is what you least expect.”

Ayoung Lee

Ayoung began her academic journey at UT with the goal of becoming an engineer. After exploring other options, she looked into majoring in biology, microbiology, and infectious diseases. She hopes to get into the new Dell Medical School in 2016 with the goal of becoming a doctor. Ayoung was named...

“When I was in UGS, I was able to see what I was passionate about. I met a lot of new friends, professors, and advisors that would help me toward that.”

Catherine Tuppen

Catherine came to UT interested in many different fields of study but unsure which was right for her. With her advisor’s encouragement to try new things, she discovered that she had an interest in biomedical engineering. After graduation, Catherine plans to attend graduate school with the...

“Never hesitate to ask questions! Take advantage of the various resources at UGS to help you decide on a future career. Speak with students and professors who have experience in your fields of interest. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t seem to find the right fit at first; try new things and you’ll find it in time.”

Cory Dunn

Cory entered UT undecided as to what his major should be, but after taking a variety of classes he discovered that his passion lies in computer programming. Now as a junior, Cory is in the process of applying to the College of Natural Sciences with the hope that he will be able to determine...

“Talk to your advisors about picking a major from the get-go, and not just before registering for classes. You have access to them all semester, so take advantage of it. They can help make you aware of pre-requisites, suggest relevant classes, and point you in the right direction.”

Danny Xu

Danny’s outstanding academic record has earned him the title of Distinguished Scholar. Danny entered UT wanting to study chemical engineering. After exploring his interests, he now plans to major in pre-med biochemistry...

“Be open about new experiences—you might be able to find a life goal that was completely different than what you originally intended.”

Eric Bustos

Eric’s stellar academic performance has earned him the title of College Scholar. Eric knew he wanted to explore his options, so he selected UGS as his first choice. He’s since discovered...

“My advice for UGS students is to keep exploring. I don’t want to say, “Don’t worry about the time,” because you don’t want to take too long exploring, but it’s okay to not know what you want to do. Eventually, you will figure it out.”

Haley Edmondson

Haley’s hard work and academic achievements have earned her the title of College Scholar. Haley entered UT as a geology major, but transferred to UGS where she explored her options and...

“Work hard but relax. Grades are not everything, and it is more important to find what you love and do it. Do everything with excellence.”