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Recognizing the role of the United States in world affairs and the importance of international operations to American business enterprise, this major offers a combination of basic business knowledge with an interdisciplinary study of international policies and practices. The curriculum is designed to help prepare students for positions in global business operations, government, or international agencies in the fields of economic development and international trade.

International business (IB) graduates who go directly into industry often start their careers in the domestic operations of an organization. Overseas assignments usually come after a few years with a company, although they may come faster if the student possesses specialized skills (e.g., language) needed by the company in its foreign operations. Alternatively, many opportunities exist domestically to advance to positions of coordinating global activities.

IB majors are encouraged to use electives to obtain depth in a field of business (e.g. marketing, finance, etc.) that will complement the international training and assist them in obtaining a first job. The International Business major is also appropriate for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in fields where knowledge of international business is beneficial, such as law, international relations, and public policy.

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Required Courses

View the International Business degree plan to learn more about the required courses for the International Business major.


The International Business major does not offer specialized tracks, but it does require the student to choose a region of the world as their focus. The student must spend a semester abroad in the region they choose, and must take upper-division courses in the region's language, culture, history, and politics.


Students in the international business major are generally adventurous, receptive to new people and cultures, and friendly. IB majors will be expected to interact with people who have different customs and habits. It is important that they are understanding and do not judge others quickly. They must also be comfortable making their own paths.


  • Interpersonal communication skills (often work as a bridge for international companies)
  • Internal drive to succeed and persevere
  • Understanding and knowledgeable when dealing with cultural norms
  • Ability to make decisions without direct guidance at all times
  • Ability to learn a foreign language (opportunity to become fluent)
  • Study abroad experience promotes responsibility
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Ability to succeed independently