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The All-Level Special Education Certificate Program is designed to prepare prospective educators to teach in a variety of settings for individuals with disabilities including children and youth with mild to moderate disabilities as well those with severe and/or multiple disabilities. The program also focuses on preparing lessons plans, and developing skills for consulting with classroom teachers and parents, and participating in Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings.

Declare This Major

Current undergraduate students at UT Austin who would like to transfer into the College of Education are required to attend an internal transfer information session before they can meet with an Academic Advisor. Students with less than 45 semester hours who are interested in changing to one of the Applied Learning and Development majors may transfer into the College of Education at any time. Students with 45 or more semester hours must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA to transfer into the College of Education.

There are no restrictions or extra application requirements for this major. Visit the declaring this major section to learn how to change your major. Once a student is in the College of Education, there is an internal application for the final three semesters of the major (the Professional Development Sequence, or "PDS"). Admission to the PDS requires a minimum 2.5 UT grade point average and completion of required prerequisite coursework. View additional information at Early Childhood to 6th grade certification.

Prospective University of Texas at Austin students should visit to learn about the application process and how to declare a major.

Required Courses

View a degree plan to see the required courses for the Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Learning and Development All-Level Special Education Certification major.


All-level education majors are accepting and appreciative of differences in others. They are able to work with different types of students in a personable and caring way. Students are not afraid to take risks and are passionate about learning.

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  • Learn effective approaches in working with children with disabilities, their parents, and other teachers.
  • Ability to assess educational needs of children and youth.
  • Learn to develop curriculum, lesson plans and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).
  • Gain confidence in presentation and oral communication skills.
  • Learn to work with all different types of students.

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