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A degree in Biology provides a well-rounded education in both the liberal arts and natural sciences. This degree permits students to take advanced courses from a broad spectrum of the biological sciences, including cellular and molecular biology, physiology, ecology, animal biology, plant biology, and microbiology. The emphasis on a balanced program of study enables students to explore additional academic interests from across the University. This degree prepares students for a variety of careers including, but not limited to, the health professions, business, law, and academia.

Declare This Major

The entry-level requirements for the B.A., B.S.A., and B.S. degree in Biological Sciences are completion of the following courses: Calculus 1, two semesters of Chemistry (CH 301 and CH302) and two semesters of Biology (BIO 311C and 311D) with at least a C- or higher. Learn the difference between the B.A. vs B.S.A. vs B.S. degree. Current students who have not yet completed the entry-level requirements should schedule an appointment with an academic advisor in WCH 1.106. Contact the appropriate College of Natural Sciences Advising Center to schedule an appointment and change majors to Biological Sciences.

Current students interested in changing to the Biology major should complete the following instructions:
1. Complete the entry-level courses (Calculus 1, CH301/302, and BIO311C/D) with at least a C- or higher.
2. View the online information session
3. Complete the questionnaire at the end of the session and bring it your advising appointment.
4. Schedule an appointment with the Biological Sciences Advising Center.

Prospective University of Texas at Austin students should visit to learn about the application process and how to declare a major.

Required Courses

For information on required courses, students can view the Biological Sciences degree plan. For additional information, view Biological Sciences course descriptions by major options and Frequently Asked Questions related to the School of Biological Sciences.

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Degree Options:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science and Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Option I: Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
    • Option II: Human Biology
    • Option III: Marine and Freshwater Biology
    • Option IV: Microbiology
    • Option V: Cell and Molecular Biology
    • Option VI: Neurobiology
    • Option VII: Plant Biology
    • Option VIII: Teaching
    • Option IX: Biology Honors
    • Option X: Computational Biology