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Through a major in Scandinavian studies, students can become proficient in Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish while studying the literature and cultures of the region.

Learning a foreign language is an enriching experience. There is no better way to develop self-awareness and an understanding of other peoples and cultures. In today's increasingly interrelated world can you really afford not to know a foreign language? The skills and knowledge gained from studying a foreign language, literature, and culture constitute excellent preparation for careers in international transportation, communications, foreign trade and banking, foreign service, international business, teaching, and library services. Majors in Scandinavian studies can also acquire a broad liberal arts background for further study in law and the health sciences.

Declare This Major

Undergraduates currently enrolled at UT who wish to declare a Scandinavian studies major must first meet with departmental advisor. There is no formal application process. For more information, visit the student affairs page on how to declare a major.

Prospective University of Texas at Austin students should visit to learn about the application process and how to declare a major.

Required Courses

Visit the Scandinavian studies degree plan to see all required courses for the Scandinavian studies major in the College of Liberal Arts. For additional information, view major requirements and course descriptions.


Scandinavian studies students must select a foreign language in which to specialize: Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian.

The degree plan allows for students to focus on areas of interests such as literature, culture or linguistics. Qualified students can also apply for departmental honors and write a thesis on a topic of their choosing.


The Scandinavian studies major prepares students to use foreign language skills, cultural knowledge, and analytical skills in a wide variety of contexts, including careers in education, business, industry, journalism, or international affairs. The major can also assist in the pursuit of graduate study in Scandinavian studies and related fields (including literature, film, linguistics, applied linguistics, history). Finally, our majors gain an appreciation for literature, language, the arts, and society; the ability to think about cultural and social issues in their own society and the world from the perspective of another culture; and a critical understanding of cultural history and our global society.