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The Science and Technology Management Program is a rigorous degree plan that satisfies the industry's demand for technologically savvy business graduates with backgrounds in engineering. In the STM Program, students take engineering, math, and science classes while working toward a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. STM students develop a broad strategic perspective of business principles and acquire a solid command of the technical fundamentals of engineering. The STM Program's combination of engineering and business prepares students to manage effectively in highly technical business environments.

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Required Courses

View the science and technology management degree plan to learn more about the required courses for the science and technology management program.


STM students are required to take the following business and engineering courses.

    Business Courses:
    • OM 337.5: Project Management
    • ACC 329: Managerial Accounting & Control
    • FIN 374C: Financial Plan/Policy for Large Corps./FIN 374S: Entrepreneurial Finance
    • MAN 374: Strategy/MIS 375: Strategic IT Mgmt
    • Internship or Practicum (Operations Management or Management Information Systems)
    Engineering Courses:
    • Mechanical Engineering Base - EM 306: Statics or ME 320: Applied Thermodynamics
    • Computer Engineering Base - EE 306: Intro to Computer Systems
    • Electrical Engineering Base - EE 302: Intro to Electrical & Computer Engr.
    • Engineering Capstone - ME 375K: Prodn. Engr. Mgt. or ES 377: One-Semester Startup or ASE 374K: Space Systems Engr.


    Students who enjoy high-tech environments, and want an edge in getting jobs in technical or consulting industries, will benefit from the STM program. STM graduates are in high demand for careers like financial management in technology firms, consulting in MIS/business/strategy, program management at technical firms (including project/procurement managers in the supply chain space), and the emerging field of quantitative analysis. Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Deloitte, Intel, Shell, Target and Texas Instruments are all companies that have hired students from the program.


    • Quantitative skills
    • Designing and improving systems
    • Understanding engineering principles applicable to business ranging from product design to organizational management
    • Computer literacy
    • Written and verbal communication skills
    • Interest in the technical aspects of business
    • Ability to problem solve
    • Interest in science & mathematics

    A small sample of directly related careers

    Consultant/IT Consultant
    Financial Analyst
    Information Systems Analyst
    Network Engineer
    Production and Logistics Manager
    Supply Chain Associate
    Technical Sales and Marketing

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