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The Business and Public Policy (BPP) Certificate is offered by the Business, Government & Society Department (BGS) of the McCombs School of Business. Students will understand the impact of the political process on business and firms' need to manage relationships with their numerous stakeholders. Students complete an intense curriculum of political science, business, law, and public relations. Any business person quickly realizes that governments, regulators, and other constituencies (communities, NGOs, customers, etc.) have a huge impact on commercial activity. A lot of government activity aims to facilitate, channel, and constrain business. What happens at the intersection of these two worlds is of great importance to a broad range of careers.

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Undergraduate students from any major at UT Austin may apply to the BPP program. In order for your application to be considered, you must be a degree-seeking student with upper-division standing and have completed 24 hours in-residence prior to applying. Admission to the program is based on a student's overall academic record. Applications are accepted in the fall and spring. View deadlines, review requirements, and submit the application on the BPP website.

Required Courses

The BPP requires 18 semester hours of coursework. Students must take four required courses and then choose two elective courses from an extensive list of options that are listed on the BPP website.

    The four required courses are:
    • BGS 371 - Corporate Political Strategy
    • BGS 372 - Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
    • BGS 373 - Strategic Corporate Communication
    • GOV 312L - Issues and Policies in American Government (including the Washington Campus Program section of this course)


Students who are interested in business, politics, law, government service, or NGOs fit the personality of BPP certificate students.


After completing 18 credit hours of coursework, students earn a certificate that will be recognized on students' transcripts, demonstrating a secondary area of specialization that complements the major.


Business and Public Policy Certificate Program
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