About Us

Campus Events + Entertainment, formerly the Student Events Center, is the largest event-planning organization on campus.  Our student leaders plan, promote, and produce the best programs that represent the diverse interests of UT students.  Student members gain experience in budgeting, management, marketing, decision-making, leadership development and working in committees in order to produce campus events.

Membership in E+E is free and open to all current UT students!  Meetings are held during the long semesters, so feel free to stop in at any of our meetings to see what our organizations are all about and how you can get involved on campus.

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Campus Events + Entertainment Committee Members of the Month

February 2014

African American Culture
Lauren McLean
Freshman, Advertising
Word from the Chair, Matt Ealy: Lauren has stepped up lately and become really involved and showed her love and support for the committee.  Glad to have her as part of the committee.

Asian American Culture
Eric Park
Word from the Chair, Vicky Nguyen: Richard is the king of selfies within ACC.  But in all seriousness, he always has positive feedback for events and is always willing to lend a helping hand!