1. Student Activity Center Loading Dock
    Loading Dock
    MW 12-2pm; F 12-5pm; MWF 6am-11am

    Loading Dock Assistants at the Student Activity Center serve as a first contact for clients and customers accessing the loading dock area of the Student Activity Center. Loading Dock Assistants play a critical role in ensuring that the SAC’s recycling efforts in connection with LEED standards are correctly maintained as well as maintaining safety in the SAC surrounding areas. Loading Dock Assistants ensure successful coordination of deliveries for food services in the building, loading and unloading for events, as well as parking. Further, they support professional staff with many of the beautification efforts in indoor and outdoor spaces.

    Duties and Responsibilities
    • Monitor and maintain SAC recycling efforts by, including but not limited to monitoring transport and pick up of recycling and maintaining kitchen area from being cluttered.
    • Maintain cleanliness of the SAC outdoor space and outdoor furniture – this may include using a leaf blower, power washer, and/or garden hose.
    • Ensuring the safety of the loading dock area by guiding in large trucks onto the loading dock and ensure pedestrians are safe, escorting delivery staff to their destination in the SAC, assisting with loading and unloading.
    • Oversee loading dock deliveries ensuring they arrive as scheduled by maintaining the deliveries log and staying up to date on delivery changes.
    • Ensure SAC guidelines are followed by visitors and vehicles.
    • Assist catering services and events in the building in delivering and removing items from event spaces in a timely manner.
    • Enforcing parking guidelines on SAC property including bicycle parking, ensuring they are parked in the designated bicycle parking area; fire lane parking; and golf cart parking.
    • Monitor access to the loading dock elevator and basement area.
    • Monitor security cameras for activity in the aforementioned areas and take the appropriate action when unusual activity occurs.
    • Some heavy lifting may be required.
    • Assist with building evacuations and emergency procedures.
    • Assist all full-time SAC staff in various duties and projects.
    • Maintain thorough knowledge of SAC building policies and procedures.

    • Ability to work effectively with others and follow oral and written instructions.
    • Effective and positive communication skills.
    • Candidates must be punctual, responsible, organized, team players, collaborative, and problem solvers.
    • Be a current student at The University of Texas at Austin.

    • Be a current student at The University of Texas at Austin or other college/university and be registered for at least six (6) credit hours.
    • In addition to the application packet, please submit a resume with all co-curricular involvement and work experience.

    For information on how to apply, please visit http://utunions.org/jobs.